HL Paper 3 Section A questions

Paper 3 Section A questions (Exams from May 2016 onwards)

Section A on Paper 3 is worth 15 marks and will contain a data response question and one or more short answer questions on experimental techniques. Since there are only fifteen marks it seems likely that the data response question will be worth about 9 or 10 marks. This only leaves 5 or 6 marks for the question(s) on experimental techniques, although of course some of the data response question could also involve experimental techniques. Full details about Paper 3 are given in the section on Exams. Most probably the questions for HL will be the same as those for SL. However some small parts of the questions on the Higher Level paper might contain material from the AHL so a few of the questions below are specifically just for Higher Level.

With the exception of Data Response Examples 1, 2 and 3 all the questions below are completely new and made up specifically for this site so that you can use them to give your students practice at answering the types of questions they are likely to find on Section A. More detailed information can be found under Data response questions and Experimental work questions. Questions for Section B on Paper 3 can be found under HL Questions on the options. All the questions have worked answers.

Data Response Questions

Data response Example 1

Data response Example 2

Data response Example 3

Data response Example 4

Data response Example 5

Data response Example 6

Data response Example 7

Data response Example 8

Data response Example 9

Experimental techniques questions

Experimental work Question 1

Experimental work Question 2

Experimental work Question 3

Experimental work Question 4

Experimental work Question 5

Experimental work Question 6

Experimental work Question 7

Experimental work Question 8

Experimental work Question 9

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