HL Multiple choice 'quizzes' on sub-topics

Multiple choice 'quizzes' on sub-topics 

The following multiple choice questions are set out in 'quiz' format and are completely different questions to the questions in the Multiple choice tests for each topic. Student can check their own answers and scores and also learn from their mistakes as all the answers are explained thoroughly. Each 'quiz' contains ten questions on each sub-topic in the core. You can give students access directly to the quizzes below Using student access. If you wish to record their results automatically then either set it directly as a quiz or use the qBank on student access which contains all the questions and set up your own quizzes for assignments. A quick way to set it up as a quiz is to simply click on 'Student access tools' on the left of the quiz page and assign it directly as a quiz to your selected group of students. You can also set the quiz as a reading assignment but then you will not be able to record their results automatically.

Topic 1: Stoichiometric relationships

MC test: 1.1 Nature of matter & chemical change

MC test: 1.2 The mole concept

MC test: 1.3 Reacting masses & volumes

Topics 2 and 12: Atomic structure

MC test: 2.1 The nuclear atom

MC test: 2.2 Electron configuration

MC test: 12.1 Electrons in atoms

Topics 3 and 13: Periodicity

MC test: 3.1 Periodic table

MC test: 3.2 Periodic trends

MC test: 13.1 First-row d-block elements

MC test: 13.2 Coloured complexes

Topics 4 & 14: Chemical bonding & structure

MC test: 4.1 Ionic bonding & structure

MC test: 4.2 Covalent bonding

MC test: 4.3 Covalent structures (1)

MC test: 4.3 Covalent structures (2)

MC test: 4.4 Intermolecular forces

MC test: 4.5 Metallic bonding

MC test: 14.1 Further aspects of covalent bonding

MC test: 14.2 Hybridization

Topic 5 & 15: Energetics / thermochemistry

MC test: 5.1 Measuring energy changes

MC test: 5.2 Hess's Law

MC test: 5.3 Bond enthalpies

MC test: 15.1 Energy cycles

MC test: 15.2 Entropy & spontaneity

Topics 6 & 16: Chemical kinetics

MC test: 6.1 Collision theory & rates of reaction

MC test: 16.1 Rate expression & reaction mechanisms

MC test: 16.2 Activation energy

Topics 7 & 17: Equilibrium

MC test: 7.1 Equilibrium

MC test: 17.1 The equilibrium law

Topics 8 & 18: Acids and bases

MC test: 8.1 Theories of acids & bases

MC test: 8.2 Properties of acids & bases

MC test: 8.3 The pH scale

MC test: 8.4 Strong & weak acids & bases

MC test: 8.5 Acid deposition

MC test: 18.1 Lewis acids & bases

MC test: 18.2 Calculations involving acids & bases

MC test: 18.3 pH curves 

Topics 9 & 19: Oxidation & reduction

MC test: 9.1 Oxidation & reduction

MC test: 9.2 Electrochemical cells

MC test: 19.1 Electrochemical cells (AHL)

Topics 10 & 20: Organic chemistry

MC test: 10.1 Fundamentals of organic chemistry

MC test: 10.2(1) Alkanes, alkenes & addition polymers

MC test: 10.2(2) Alcohols

MC test: 10.2(3) Halogenoalkanes & benzene

MC test: 20.1(1) Nucleophilic substitution

MC test: 20.1(2 & 3) Electrophilic addition & substitution reactions

MC test: 20.1(4) Reduction reactions

MC test: 20.2 Synthetic routes

MC test: 20.3 Stereoisomerism

Topics 11 & 21: Measurement, data processing & analysis

MC test: 11.1 Uncertainties & errors

MC test: 11.2 Graphical techniques

MC test: 11.3 Spectroscopic identification of organic compounds

MC test: 21.1 Spectroscopic identification of organic compounds (AHL)

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