HL Quizzes on option sub-topics

 Multiple choice 'quizzes' on option sub-topics 

Each 'quiz' contains ten questions on each SL and HL sub-topic in each of the four options. Although the IB does not use multiple choice questions to examine the option material in Paper 3, they can be a useful tool for students to assess quickly their knowledge and understanding. They can also also aid learning and the review/revision process as the correct answers are explained once they have made their choice.  You can give students access directly to the quizzes below using student access but you will not be able to record their results automatically. If you do wish to record their results automatically then use the qBank (available through student access) which contains all the questions and set up your own quizzes for assignments to give them.

Option A: Materials

MC test: A.1 Introduction to materials science 

MC test: A.2 Metals & ICP spectroscopy 

MC test: A.3 Catalysts 

MC test: A.4 Liquid crystals 

MC test: A.5 Polymers 

MC test: A.6 Nanotechnology 

MC test: A.7 Environmental impact - plastics 

MC test: A.8 Superconducting metals & X-ray crystallography

MC test: A.9 Condensation polymers 

MC test: A.10 Environmental impact - heavy metals  

Option B: Biochemistry

MC test: B.1 Introduction to biochemistry

MC test: B.2 Proteins & enzymes

MC test: B.3 Lipids

MC test: B.4 Carbohydrates

MC test: B.5 Vitamins

MC test: B.6 Biochemistry & the environment

MC test: B.7 Proteins & enzymes (AHL)

MC test: B.8 Nucleic acids

MC test: B.9 Biological pigments

MC test: B.10 Stereochemistry in biomolecules

Option C: Energy

MC test: C.1 Energy sources

MC test: C.2 Fossil fuels

MC test: C.3 Nuclear fusion & nuclear fission reactions

MC test: C.4 Solar energy

MC test: C.5 Environmental impact – global warming 

MC test: C.6 Electrochemistry, rechargeable batteries & fuel cells 

MC test: C.7 Nuclear fusion & nuclear fission (HL) 

MC test: C.8 Photovoltaic cells & DSSCs 

Option D: Medicinal chemistry

MC test: D.1 Pharmaceutical products & drug action 

MC test: D.2 Aspirin & penicillin  

MC test: D.3 Opiates 

MC test: D.4 pH regulation of the stomach 

MC test: D.5 Antiviral medications 

MC test: D.6 Environmental impact of some medications 

MC test: D.7 Taxol - a chiral auxiliary case study 

MC test: D.8 Nuclear medicine 

MC test: D.9 Drug detection & analysis 

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