Full coverage of each topic and sub-topic


This section is effectively an interactive text book that provides complete coverage of the whole of the IB Diploma chemistry syllabus (Core, AHL and Options) at both Standard Level and Higher Level. Each sub-topic is covered fully by its own page. The pages are given in the same order as the topics are listed in the IB syllabus but remember that your teacher may well cover the topics in a different order and may teach different parts of a topic at different times rather than covering each topic completely before moving on to the next. As you work through each sub-topic try to understand the underlying chemistry and try to make links with other topics, i.e. see chemistry holistically rather than just a collection of stand-alone topics.

Format of each sub-topic page

Each topic is broken down into its individual sub-topics. with a common format.

Learning outcomes

This states what you need to understand and the skills and applications required.

Relationships & vocabulary

Links to the nature of science and international-mindedness together with key vocabulary.

Learning slides

A gallery of slides covering all the key information and concepts with questions (tasks) followed by worked answers.

Something to think about

This challenges you to think critically about some of the underlying issues and assumptions made in the sub-topic.

Test your understanding of this topic*

Ten quiz questions and several short answer (Paper 2 or 3 type) questions together with fully worked answers. This will test your knowledge and understanding and improve any weaknesses.

* Please remember that your teacher will need to allow you access to the questions links.

More resources

These include videos and other resources that you will find useful to look at in your own time. 

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