Practice Paper 1 exams

Paper 1 'mock' exams


As you teach the course your students should gain plenty of practice at answering multiple choice questions on each topic from the many example tests on Multiple choice tests for each topic. These will also have got your students used to using a multiple choice answer sheet. In addition each sub-topic on this site has ten quiz questions which are in a multiple choice format. The advantage of the quiz format is that not only is the best answer given by clicking on ‘check’ but there is also an explanation as to why it is the best answer.

Past IB exam papers are a good source for students to practice but they do not explain the answers. The attached are effectively ‘mock’ Paper 1 exams in quiz format which can be used as review(US)/revision(UK) at the end of the course. They consists of 30 IB-style questions for SL and 40 IB-style questions for HL all of which are brand new and do not appear elsewhere on this site. They can be done together as a class or you can simply give them to your students to work through in their own time If you want them to do it on their own then you will need to select the relevant page using student access – see Step 5. on Creating student accounts.


One of the benefits of a 'mock' Paper 1 exam is to get students used to answering 30 (SL) or 40 (HL) questions in the time limit of 45 minutes (SL) or 1 hour (HL) (i.e. an average of 1.5 minutes per question). A calculator should not be used for this quiz and the periodic table given in Section 6 of the IB data booklet should be the only reference material available (except for a simple translating dictionary for those who do not have English as their first language). Your students should work through all the questions in the exact time allowed then check their answers to get a percentage mark. The most important thing is for them to then improve their knowledge and understanding of chemistry by learning from their mistakes.

SL 'Mock' Paper 1 (1) 

SL 'Mock' Paper 1 (2)  

SL 'Mock' Paper 1 (3)  

HL 'Mock' Paper 1 (1)  

HL 'Mock' Paper 1 (2)

HL 'Mock' Paper 1 (3)   

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