Complete course for students

  • Full coverage of every topic in the core, AHL and the four options.
  • Learning outcomes laid out clearly for each sub-topic.
  • Relationships between each sub-topic and nature of science and international-mindedness stressed.
  • Key vocabulary listed.
  • Syllabus content comprehensively covered in illustrated slide galleries together with worked examples for each and every sub-topic.
  • One or more examples to challenge you to think critically about each sub-topic.
  • Comprehensive information and advice on all aspects of internal assessment together with marked examples.
  • Details of other practical work including links to many experiments.
  • Many extra resources, such as short videos, provided for each sub-topic to support your learning.
  • Brand new short-answer questions with worked answers on each sub-topic.
  • Quizzes (ten questions with the answered explained) for each sub-topic including all the options to test your knowledge and understanding of concepts.
  • Advice and information on approaches to learning.
  • Full coverage of the external assessment including advice and examples of areas that students find difficult and practice papers.
  • Full coverage, with examples and questions, of the Nature of Science.
  • Full information on the Group 4 project.


This section  of the site is written specifically for you, the student. It provides complete syllabus coverage for all students who have been signed up (at no extra cost to you or the school) to student access by their teacher in a subscribing school. It is designed to be used both as you learn throughout the Standard Level or Higher Level course and as a review (revision) aid before you take your final examinations. In addition to all the subject specific chemistry required for each topic and sub-topic it also contains all the other information and advice that IB Diploma chemistry students need. This includes coverage of Approaches to learning, the Nature of Science, Final assessment including areas of difficulty and Internal Assessment.

Please note that all the pages in this section are immediately available to all students except the links to most of the quizzes and short-answer type questions. This is because teachers may decide to retain these to set as a test or homework so would not want you to see them beforehand. If you want access to any to these (all of which come with model worked answers) then simply ask your teacher to unblock the page by marking it as "direct student access".

Brief summary of current contents of 'Complete course for students'

1. Full coverage of each topic and sub-topic

  • The learning outcomes (i.e. understanding and skills required)
  • Key vocabulary
  • Links to other areas of the chemistry syllabus
  • Gallery of slides covering all the key concepts with worked examples
  • A challenge for you to think more deeply about the sub-topic
  • Quizzes and short-answer questions (with worked model answers) to test your understanding
  • Further resources, e.g. videos.

2. Approaches to learning

Information, advice and discussion on:

  • Thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Social skills
  • Self-management skills
  • Research skills
  • Reflection skills

3. The Nature of Science

  • What is the nature of science?
  • Key terms and concepts
  • Nature of Science and critical thinking
  • The culture of chemistry
  • Practice questions

4. Practical work

  • Why do practical work?
  • The four components of the practical scheme of work
  • Access to information & worksheets on more than 35 different experiments
  • Details of the mandatory areas
  • Information and advice on the Group 4 Project

5. Internal Assessment (IA)

  • Essential information and requirements
  • How to prepare beforehand
  • Choosing the research question
  • Details and advice on the five examined criteria when writing the report
  • Genuine examples of marked IA reports

6. Final External Assessment

  • Essential facts (e.g command terms, grade descriptors and grade boundaries, remarks and retaking)
  • Tips for students for all three examination papers
  • Practice multiple choice exams for Paper 1
  • In depth coverage of particular areas that students find difficult in Paper 2
  • Practice data response and experimental work questions for Section A in Paper 3

7. Access to some of the teacher pages

You also currently have access to some of the pages written for teachers on the rest of the site. You can find information and help on all aspects such as Mandatory laboratory experimentsOther good experiments, Extended Essays, Theory of Knowledge (TOK), Incorporating IM, TOK, 'Utilization', Critical Thinking ... etc. During the next year I will be editing many of these to make versions that are specifically directed towards students (rather than teachers) and these student-orientated pages will then also appear here.


Selected Pages


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Practical work (including IA & Group 4 Project) 1 October 2021

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Experimental work questions 20 September 2021

Although the prescribed practical areas do not form part of the Internal Assessment, questions can and will be asked on...

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