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P2 HL (City of Glass and Perfume)28 July 2016

The following Paper 2 response addresses question 2 from the May 2014 examination: Show some of the ways in which the writers of at least two of the works you have studied enable the reader/audience to... more

#BlackLivesMatter21 July 2016

When George Zimmerman was acquitted of killing of Trayvon Martin in 2013, #BlackLivesMatter began trending on Twitter. In 2014, after the deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner... more

Individual Oral Commentary (HL) Death of a Naturalist14 July 2016

Poems are often a good choice for Part 4 texts and for the IOC. Whilst poems exist in dialogic interplay with other texts, they are in a certain sense self-contained. It is likely that a poem studied... more

Individual Oral Commentary (SL) The Great Gatsby (3)7 July 2016

Students are sometimes so close in achieving an overall seven on an individual assessment. That is the case with this Standard Level Individual Oral Commentary. The context for this is as such. The... more

Skills6 July 2016

The IB Language A: Language and Literature guide points to four assessment objectives, which relate to the skill-set that the students are tested on. The assessment criteria for all forms of assessment... more

P2 HL (Persepolis and This Earth of Mankind)30 June 2016

The following HL essay is a response to the May 2014 exam. The student answers question 2 in that exam: Texts originally produced in a culture or in a language different from that of the reader’s can... more

Integrating quotesfree28 June 2016

Paper 1 assesses ones ability to integrate relevant examples into the commentary (Criterion A). What does it mean for an analysis to be "supported by well-chosen examples?" How do you integrate quotes... more

Individual Oral Commentary (SL) The Great Gatsby (2)26 May 2016

This sample Individual Oral Commentary comes from a student preparing for his final IOC. It is a mock examination, conducted under the same conditions as the real exam: 20 minutes of preparation, 10-12... more

EE Category 1 (Oryx and Crake)19 May 2016

Have you ever noticed the way in which, presented with the writing of a peer, students can become the most amazing critics? They can readily identify all the mistakes and errors of another (including... more

Brexit: The Language of Politics6 May 2016

In 1989, when Francis Fukuyama wrote his (now famous) essay ‘The End of History’, he surely did so with at least part of his tongue lodged in his cheek. At any rate, Fukuyama could not have foreseen... more