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WT1 SL (Language and Identity)31 December 2015

This written task is based on Part 1 of the course, Language in Cultural Context. The task explores the relationship between language(s) and identity. The task also, apparently, builds on the study of... more

WT1 SL (Reviving Gaelic)17 December 2015

The following written task emerges from the Part 1 study of language death (and language revival). Described by its author as an ‘opinion article’, the task discusses the possible revival of Gaelic... more

Comparative Textual Analysis: Working With Genre3 December 2015

Comparative textual analysis is not easy. Certainly, doing comparative textual analysis well is not easy. It requires a lot of modeling on the part of the teacher and scaffolded activities before students... more

Speechfree27 November 2015

There are as many different kinds of speeches as there are audiences. Nevertheless, there are some traits that all speeches have in common, despite their different audiences. Before we look at these defining... more

Comparative Textual Analysis Through Fiction and Non-fiction20 November 2015

KCRW’s Bookworm is a must listen to radio show for teachers of English and lovers of literature. The show's host, Michael Silverblatt, is a man who may have read more literature than any other living... more

Language, Gender and Experimentation5 November 2015

The following lesson was originally designed for use in the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classroom. However, the lesson overlaps significantly with English: Language and Literature, and in particular Part... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: The Sea22 October 2015

This Comparative Commentary to Go brings together a contemporary media text from The Sydney Morning Herald reporting on the what it refers to as ‘a refugee crisis’. The news story reports specifically... more

ANTM-200819 October 2015

For years, one of the most popular TV shows in the United States has been America's Next Top Model (ANTM). In each episode, young women receive 'challenges' to present themselves as America's next top... more

The way I amfree13 October 2015

How do we define ourselves? Rap stars love to write about their own identity, telling us regularly what to think of them and how to define who they are. How do they use language to do this? In this lesson... more

Comparative Commentaries to Go: People and Paths8 October 2015

This ‘comparative commentary to go’ compares one of the most canonical poems in the English language with the lyrical non-fiction of a much less well known writer. One of the texts in this pairing... more