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Paralanguage31 January 2014

Aspects of communication functioning in conjunction with verbal language. For example, facial expression and body posture. more

Noun Phrase31 January 2014

A word or group of words with a noun at its head (i.e. the noun is the essential word), often with added information in the form of modifiers. Premodifiers precede the head, and post-modifiers follow... more

Semantic Field31 January 2014

A group of words that are related or analogous in meaning, and are often connected with a particular context of use. An alternative, similar term sometimes used by linguists is lexical cluster. Thus,... more

Translation23 January 2014

The fourth ‘texts to go’ takes translation as its focus. Views differ widely on translation. Some would suggest it just can’t be done; unavoidably, meaning is always lost. Others view translation... more

Written Tasks: A Student's Guide to Getting it Right16 January 2014

Written Tasks are an excellent opportunity for students to produce high quality work that achieves a good grade. Whilst the IB Diploma is a demanding course of study, and students have much to do beyond... more

Language in the News9 January 2014

Review: Language in the News: Discourse and Ideology in the Press. Roger Fowler. 1991. Several years ago, I attended a teacher-training workshop for English A2, the course that, to some degree, was... more

Mother Tongue1 January 2014

Review: Mother Tongue. Bill Bryson. 1990. Around the time I was finishing my first degree in politics and sociology, I read Bill Bryson’s Mother Tongue (1990). I had read Bryson before; he is the... more

Letters in Context5 December 2013

The Language and Literature course has nine aims. These include (developing) an appreciation of the aesthetic qualities of texts, promoting enjoyment in language and literature, and understanding the... more

WT SL (Hinglish)28 November 2013

The following Written Task doesn’t quite get it right. It’s not, in fact, bad. Indeed, the rationale is reasonably promising; it suggests the student has adequate insight into her Part 1 studies.... more

Language and Gender26 November 2013

Bette Davis apparently said, ‘when a man gives his opinion, he’s a man. When a woman gives her opinion, she’s a bitch’. You get her point. Issues around language and gender are often charged,... more