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WT2 Tipsfree5 March 2012

Before you start writing a written task 2, or 'critical response', you will need a strategy or 'game plan'. The list of tips below offers you a step-by-step approach for this task. You will notice that... more

WT1 SL S3 (CK)free5 March 2012

This sample written task is written by Michael Michell, who teaches at the International School of Amsterdam. The task is the product of a greater unit on the portrayal of women and sex in advertising.... more

WT1 SL S2 (Internet)5 March 2012

The following written task 1 takes its inspiration from a series of lessons on the Internet and how it is redefining how we communicate. The task is relevant to the first learning outcome of Part 2,... more

WT1 SL S1 (2pac)5 March 2012

The following sample student work stems from a unit on language and race in Part 1 of the syllabus. As a class, students explored several texts from African Americans, analyzing language use as an expression... more

WT1 HL S1 (Mandela)5 March 2012

On 9 May 1994, a day before Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as President of South Africa, he gave a speech to the people of Cape Town. The student who wrote the sample written task for Part 1 was inspired... more

My father's red scare3 March 2012

Below you will read an opinion column, which explores the power of language and the state. The author of this text retells a story about his father and the United States government. Secret documents... more

Exploring text typesfree28 February 2012

The written task 1 asks you to imitate a certain text type. You may want to write a brochure, a speech, a letter or a memoir. But how do you know what structural elements to include in these types of... more

WT1 skillsfree28 February 2012

The guide states that written task 1 is an 'imaginative piece'. Imagination, however, is not the skill that is assessed when you look at the criteria. In fact there are other 'hard' skills that you can... more

P2 Sample workfree28 February 2012

One of the best ways to learn is by example. In order to become familiar with Paper 2, you will want to look at how student work has been assessed in the past. Both poor and good samples are presented... more

Unpacking questions28 February 2012

As Paper 2 presents six unseen questions, you will want to become good at understanding and 'unpacking' exam questions. The term 'to unpack' is used here because it suggests that essay questions, like... more