The old course (2013 - 2020 exams)

  • These pages offer a quick overview of the old course (exams from 2013-2020). We have kept them on the site because there are so many resources and ideas still worth exploring here, although they will need modification for the current iteration of the course. 
  • The course is intended for native or near-native speakers. Language acquisition is not our 'core business', while the subject-specific, academic language of textual analysis is.
  • The Language and Literature course aims to develop critical literacy skills. This includes close reading and textual analysis.
  • The types of texts in this course range from blogs to poems. The definition of 'text' is extremely broad, as anything that conveys meaning.
  • The course aims to develop one's powers of communication. This includes speaking and writing in different contexts.
  • The course aims to make one aware of the importance of context in understanding texts.

Selected Pages


Assessment and Feedback Forms 18 April 2014

One of the purposes of the Language and Literature website is to make teaching more straightforward for teachers; to...


Secondary sources 16 March 2012

In class it is important to know when we are treating texts as primary or secondary sources. There are many textbooks,...


Text types 20 December 2011

The Language A: Language and Literature guide suggests we study a range of text types. 'Deconstructing texts', as we call...

Part 2 (2020 exams) 6 March 2019

In Part 2: Language and mass communication, we focus on the way language is used in mass media, such as newspapers,...

Part 4 (2020 exams) 7 February 2019

Part 4: Literature - critical study is we engage in the close reading of literary texts.As you can read in...

Part 3 (2020 exams) 7 February 2019

Part 3: Literature - texts and contexts invites us to look at literary texts in the contexts in which they...

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