Language and communities

One of the suggested topics from the Language A: Language and Literature guide is 'language and communities'. As we look at how language is used in various contexts, we see that people express allegiance to a particular community through language. A 'community' can mean many things. It may refer to a nation or a region, but it may also refer to a subculture or 'cult'. In fact one could argue that a community is defined by its use of language. Take for example the picture of this crowd. If you look carefully, you see that they are all wearing a green bracelet and raising their arms at the same time. These expressions define their belonging to a community, perhaps a community that attends a particular musical event. In these lessons we will look at how people express their allegiance to a particular community through language.

Guiding questions

  1. How do people express their allegiance to a particular community through language?

  2. How is language used to define a particular community?

  3. What kinds of practices define a community?

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Comments 2

Marion Nelson 13 October 2016 - 22:17

Jamila Lysicott has a fantastic Ted Talk/ Spoken Word essay called "Broken English" that works very well with this topic!

David McIntyre 16 October 2016 - 11:49

Thank you Marion - good suggestion.


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