Getting ready for the new course

Sunday 9 June 2019

Ready to dive in? 

As those of you in May session schools bring the year to a close and look forward to a well-deserved holiday, we know you will also have an eye on the next academic year and, in particular, the start of the new Language A Literature course. You may well have done a great deal of thinking and planning for this already, or you may have identified this term as the time to get this done but, as is so often the way, not done as much as you had hoped as other things came in and demanded your time!

Either way, we want to assure you that this Inthinking site  will continue to be the place to come for resources, support and guidance, whether you are seeing out the old course or welcoming in the new (or, as will be the case for many of us, both at the same time).  Mark and I will both use the time we have in the summer to continue to provide as much content as possible ahead of the first teaching for the new course, and of course we will continue to provide updates and resources as teaching gets underway next year.  

As with any new course, there will no doubt be some ‘teething issues’ for those teaching it, as well as further questions and possibly some concerns that arise along the way. This is the great advantage of this website as a resource: unlike a textbook it can be continuously updated and will adapt in response to our experiences of teaching the course and the questions we receive from you, our subscribers; unlike a workshop, you can access this material every day and, if you have questions not yet answered on the site, you can ask us and receive an answer within a day or two.  We take our responsibility to you seriously and our aim is to keep this site updated with a high standard of support material for teachers of IB Literature around the world, as well as being responsive to the changing needs of English departments, individual teachers and their students. 

To that end, we would also like to hear from you: please let us know if there is something you want or need. While our priority will be to provide material for the new course, most material on this site could be used for either course (after all, teaching literature is teaching literature) and we encourage you to continue to ask questions about the old course as we are aware that many of you are still new to that and will require further support over its final year.  

For those of us preparing for the new course, these are exciting times and find below an overview of links to the support material we have provided so far.  There will be a lot more to come!   

In the meantime, we wish all of you in May session schools a happy and restful holiday!


The New Course (first teaching 2019)

Overview of the new course  - a one-stop page with all the essential information

Course Design - materials to help design your 2 year course, including a  Course Requirements Tracker  and an Example Course Outline 1 (HL) and an Example Course Outline 2 (SL) 

Inquiry questions and Introducing the new course: an activity  - these pages will help familiarise you and your students with possible approaches under the new course design. 

The Areas of Exploration: one text, three approaches  - as a way of illustrating and exploring the areas of exploration, suggested approaches to Margaret Atwood's poem It is Dangerous to Read Newspapers can be found on these three pages: 

Intertextuality: 'It is Dangerous...' 

Readers, Writers and Texts: 'It is Dangerous...' 

Time and Space: 'It is Dangerous...' 

Internal Assessment - FAQ and answers about the new oral assessment

The Learner Portfolio - an overview of this new requirement, including  The Learner Portfolio - a guide for students 


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