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On irony & lies 17 February 2011

Act 1 - An academician, Francisco Rico, writes an article in El Pais, criticising aspects of new anti-smoking legislation. He ends the piece "And I have smoked just one cigarette in my whole life". Immediate... more

Fashion Notes 11 February 2011

Observed in the carpark of Barcelona's mainline station, Estació de Sants ... I particularly liked the semi-shorn dreadlocks: made her look like a radicalised sea-urchin. I recognised the Sita Murt... more

The 3D Tag Cloud 7 February 2011

Presentation on screen can be merely decorative, or it can reveal and/or manipulate the nature of the ideas presented. Thinking along these lines, how could 3D presentation help to communicate meaning... more

Tag cloud chat 4 February 2011

Social networks are the crest of the internet wave at the moment. They're even being credited with revolutions - literal ones like Tunisia, not just metaphorical. Personally, I've never really felt... more

On FIZZ 29 January 2011

Getting the English B website launched last week was one of those Big Moments that turn out to be ... er ... rather small. The world, of course, did not actually stop turning, and there was not a stunned... more

Image & language 29 December 2010

We've just had local government elections here in Catalonia. The campaign itself is restricted by law to a two-week period, but even before then we were being subjected to a deluge of political propaganda... more

Castellers in the air 16 November 2010

UNESCO has just announced that the catalan tradition of castellers has been added to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage (check out the UNESCO announcement here). If you've... more

Graffitti 27 October 2010

I live in Sitges, a charming, elegant resort near Barcelona, but for administrative purposes due to a kink in local government frontiers, I am registered in St Pere de Ribes, the town next door. St... more

On knacks and tranquillos 11 September 2010

On the beach ... just enough breeze to take the oven out of the heat ... there's three boys playing with a surf board (or is it 'bodyboard' - broad and sort of ovoid?). They sling the board across the... more

dithering 3 21 February 2010

Down the pub they tell me that the Major has been going on about me on the internet and so I have a look and there it is. I'm a taxi driver he says and so I've got to have funny ideas. Well alright... more