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Online test 3 #A30 October 2016

1. Read the text, and choose which alternative word or phrase fits best in each of the gaps.2. Click on your chosen alternative in the test below.3. When you have finished, click on 'Total score: Check'... more

An excellent EEfree16 October 2016

The Extended Essay that provides the basis for this page was awarded an A. This means that it pretty well fulfilled the expectations that the IB has for how to handle the EE task. It can, therefore be... more

P2 sample 59 October 2016

This sample was written under Mock exam conditions, and is based on questions adapted from two real IB papers.The handout Sample 5 gives the original script, clean and without annotations. more

PR & text types22 September 2016

Students should not waste time and words worrying about the text type while writing the Section B personal response.Yes, yes, I know the rubric says ... "Choose any text type that you have studied in... more

Sequence markersfree9 September 2016

It is important that students structure their texts clearly, and so we teach them Sequence Markers, and warmly recommend that they use them. The result is that very often moreover they end up secondly... more

Nov 2015, reviewed4 September 2016

.For November session schools, the 'new' Subject Guide is no longer new ... apart from the procedure for the Written Assignment, which was changed significantly as from May 2015. It would appear that... more

Guides, reconsideredfree4 September 2016

The new Language B Subject Guide, published in 2011 for first examination in May 2013, is now established. It will form the framework for the teaching of English B for the next seven or eight years: its... more

Specific text type skillsfree3 September 2016

By 'specific skills', I wish to define the kind of approach required for each text type, and the kind of language expected. These can be seen as 'transfer goals' - the term used in the IB's unit plan... more

Advertising fear30 August 2016

In his slim but thought-provoking essay Liquid times, Zygmunt Bauman presents a view of the modern condition of society as 'liquid' - dominated by rapid changes caused by the combination of globalisation... more

Twitter pro & con30 August 2016

Twitter has stormed to an influential position in the world. Since it was launched in 2006, it has become a vital tool in marketing, an essential part of any ambitious politician's campaign, and has even... more