Subject Guide overview

  • A survey of the key elements of the Subject Guide introduced in 2018, including...
  • .. a summary of the assessment system,and details about differences between SL and HL
  • Exploration of the Themes required for English B, considering how each may be approached, and how materials from the previous Topics may be re-deployed
  • For each of the Themes, a page giving links to the mass of relevant material already existing in this site 
  • An introduction to the required study of Conceptual understandings, and individual pages on each of these
  • .Commentary on how text types may be taught under the system of the 2018 Guide, and how these may be organised for teaching purposes
  • A survey of what is involved in the teaching of Literature in the HL course
  • Reviews of course books specifically related to the new English B programme
  • As background, reports from the Subject Review which produced the 2018 Subject Guide, indicating some of the thinking behind the design

The 2018 Subject Guide forms the basis for English B teaching for at least the seven years from September 2018. To be more precise:-

  • teaching under the new Subject Guide began in September 2018
  • the first assessment under the new Subject Guide is in May 2020, and so...
  • ...the last examination session according to the previous 2011 Subject Guide is programmed for November 2019

This section of the site sets out to provide an overview of the 2018 Subject Guide, focusing on the key elements that affect course design and assessment. This summary should, of course, be complemented by a detailed reading of the 2018 Language B Subject Guide.


Selected Pages


Conceptual understandings 13 March 2021

The conceptual understandings specified by the Subject Guide are easy enough to understand in general terms - but what do...


A Summary of Guide 2018 30 August 2020

This page provides a very concise summary of the key elements of the 2018 Subject Guide. This is basically a check-list...


New CUP Course Book 11 December 2018

Author: Brad PhilpotPrice: $ 54.30ISBN: 9781108434812Format: Paperback386 pagesVisit the CUP website The Cambridge coursebook...


New OUP Course Book 7 May 2018

Author Kevin Morley and Author Kawther Saa'd AldinPrice: £44.99 +VAT ISBN: 978-0-19-842232-7Pack: 456 pagesVisit the OUP...


Report June16 21 August 2016

.The document Language acquisition curriculum review Second Report to Teachers June 2016 is now available on the OCC. This...

Text types, explored 17 October 2021

The 2018 Subject Guide provides a larger list of text types ... but this does not represent such a great change as might...

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