Environmental Strategies -Leuven and Vancouver

Environmental Strategies - Leuven and Vancouver

This pages sets out two detailed examples to show environmental strategies to address eco-design, climate change and ecological footprint. The lesson begins with short introduction video to the European Green Leaf award before developing thinking skills activities based on the resource evidence from Leuven's winning application. Students first identify the strategies based on the graphics and then match it with the  corresponding text, before going on to complete a case study clock with the evidence. The second lesson based on Vancouver's ambitious project to be the greenest city in the world features  a short introduction video and then a learning walk based the Vancouver's achievement by 2016. This is tested with the Kahoot quiz. Students can then use the action plan report to present on one or two of the 10 goals and students complete the two sided case study clock. There is also a video library to support the lesson.

Enquiry Question

What strategies can cities develop for eco-city design and reducing urban ecological footprint?

Lesson time: 2-3 Hours

Lesson Objectives:

  • To investigate environmental strategies in Leuven and Vancouver

Lesson Notes:

Lesson 1 - Starter Activity - Students should watch the short video which introduces the European Green Leaf Award

Activity 1 - Leuven's Application Evidence - Students can then work with the evidence graphics taken from Leuven's application. This can be used a card cut out pack and students should make a list of strategies that they think Leuven will adopt.

Alternatively you could use the gallery of the graphics and present them from the front

Activity 2 - Leuven's Environmental Strategies - Have the students match up the graphic evidence with the actual application documents. They can then add descriptive detail to the case study clock sheet for Leuven. Special attention should be given to the strategies that target climate change adaptation and ecological footprint reduction.

Lesson 2 Starter Activity - Vancouver Greenest City Project - Show the introduction video to Vancouver;s greenest city project. Students should write down as many strategy ideas they hear or can infer

Activity 1 - Learning Walk and Kahoot - Have students pair up or join small groups. Students should walk around the class and read the 2016 achievements based on Vancouver's 10 goals. They should try to remember as much as possible.

Follow this up with a Kahoot quiz based on the achievements. ( It might be best to have students sign into the Kahoot at the beginning of the lesson to save time)

Activity 2- Research Presentations - Allocate each student one or two goals depending on your class size and they should present back to the class using no notes or presentation aids on the goals, achievements and challenges of Vancouver.

Students should complete the two case study clocks for Vancouver as the presentations take place.

Starter Activity - The European Green Leaf Award - Places and Possibilities

Watch the following introduction video to the European Green Leaf Award 2018

Student Activity - Leuven, Belgium Strategies - Places and Possibilities

Study the following resource pack, which includes evidence from Leuven's application for the European Green Leaf Award and compile a list of strategies that you think Leuven have developed for their city.

Leuven Green Leaf Application Evidence

Alternatively use the following gallery and students can suggest strategies based on each resource

Student Activity - Reading Exercise - Leuven's environmental Strategies - Places and Possibilities

Read the case study notes taken from the winning application of Leuven for the European Green Leaf Award.

Leuven Case Study Notes

  1. Match up each page with the supporting graphic(s) form the first resource pack
  2. Complete the case study clock (A3 using the information in the resource pack.
  3. Identify the factors that specifically target climate change adaptation and ecological footprint in two different colours

Leuven Strategies - Case Study Clock (A3)

Student Activity - Vancouver - The World's Greenest City? - Places and Possibilities

Watch the following video, which introduces Vancouver's action plan to become the world's greenest city by 2020.

On the sheet provided note down as many strategies that you either hear or can infer

Vancouver Starter Sheet

Student Activity - Learning Walk and Kahoot - Places and Possibilities

Work as a team to collect as much information about Vancouver's achievements to become the world's greenest city by 2020.

Vancouver Learning Walk Activity

Participate in the Kahoot Quiz

Student Presentations - Vancouver's Environmental Strategies - Places and Possibilities

Prepare short presentations on the action goals of Vancouver in its efforts to become the world's greenest city.

Choose 1 or 2 goals depending on the class size

During the presentations complete your case study clock on Vancouver's environmental strategies

Use the following Vancouver Action Plan

Vancouver Noting Sheet 1

Vancouver Noting Sheet 2

Student Activity - Vancouver Environmental Strategies - Video Library - Places and Possibilities

Watch the following videos and add to your notes on Vancouver's strategies

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