Option 3: History of Asia and Oceania

There are 18 possible topics in this section which range from 8th Century to 20th Century, from Medieval times to developments at the end of the 20th Century.This allows you to broaden out your curriculum to cover a wider chronology. You do not have to choose sections from the same time frame - you could, for example, do the unit on the Samurai alongside 20th Century topics.

A  full list of topics can be seen here

It is recommended that you teach three sections in full.

To see the sections that we have covered so far on this site, please see below!

Topic 12: China and Korea (1910 - 1950)

Topic 12 examines the momentous events in China and Korea between 1910 and 1950; the development of a national movement in China, the events leading to a civil war between Nationalists and the Communists...

Topic 14: The Peoples Republic of China (1949 - 2005)

Topic 14 examines the nature of Mao's rule over China; the impact of his domestic and foreign policies as well as the changes that took place after his death under Deng Xiaoping.Specifically this unit...

Topic 11: Japan 1920 to 1990

This period of Japan's history starts with a period of 'liberal' democracy, examines the descent into nationalism and militarism in the 1930s with its catastrophic results, and then looks at the reconstruction...

Topic 15: Cold War conflicts in Asia

This section looks at the impact of the Cold War on Asia. There is a lot of overlap with this topic for Paper 3 and the Superpower rivalry topic for paper 2. Specifically this topic covers the following...

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