Why have an IB Visual Arts website?

Monday 9 September 2013

 The IB Visual Art Site has a tree structure

I began creating this websitein 2010 and it has slowly and steadily taken a shape. What shape is that? Well it sort of resembles a giant tree with many interconnecting branches. I try to place the most popular pages, assessment updates etc. towards the top of the tree and the more specialist stuff is buried in the depths... The sitemap on the home page gives you an overview of all the components that make up this multi leafed tree.

Why do we need an IB Visual Arts website?

It's a special course, there is no real syllabus, which is also why we love it. Teachers can really bring in their own creativity and interests to shape the course however they like, as long as the assessment criteria is respected and the core requirements are satisfied. But sometimes the very open ended nature of the course means that there are questions about how to teach it, how to strike the right balance between  Structure and Freedom and how to find new resources and inspiration to teach it over time.

New teachers: The site is a place where you can go to find out about the course, about how assessment works, see examples of good practice, possible approaches to course planning, and Starting Strategies

Experienced teachers also want to see examples of by students other than their own in the Student Gallery , exchange teaching ideas in the  Guest Teacher Pages get inspiration for new projects, and stay abreast of any changes to curriculum or assessment procedures.

A Visual Experience

I have taken particular pleasure in making this a visual experience; I hope you enjoy all the images, the slideshows, the links to exhibitions and artists, and that each of you finds here something new, something helpful, something affirming and something delightful.
Enjoy your teaching!

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2 Oct 2013


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