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A growing collection of student work

The InThinking IB student art gallery is live!

You can now see examples of work from other schools and witness different approaches to each of the the three assessed components. It is my hope that many teachers will share their best student work here, with the students consent naturally, and this can be both informative and inspiring for all. The gallery begins with only a few examples and will grow over time to what I hope is an immensely valuable resource for teachers and students alike.

Academic Honesty

Only work that has already been assessed may be shared in this gallery, and even then, the entire component will not be visible, only a selection of screens or pieces. This is in order to protect student intellectual property from plagiarism, (although Im sure most teachers would notice if your students suddenly came up with a piece of work completely unrelated to the rest of their research and output.) The student gallery will not be accessible to students unless you choose to show them, which represents a great opportunity for discussion. Please use with respect for the artists.


The gallery is organized by component

Comparative Study Gallery

Process Portfolio Gallery

Exhibition Gallery

How do I contribute student work?

If you wish you may propose your student's work for only one component, or for all three. Not all work submitted will automatically be included in the gallery. Student work is rigorously selected and formatted for viewing on this site. Contact me (the author) directly to share work on google drive. Please include the final mark given to your student's work, as a matter of interest, not as an assessment exercise.

This gallery is not intended as an exhaustive resource but as a curated selection that showcases a range of effective approaches to the assessed components.

Selected Pages


Sophie, Exhibition HL 10 October 2016

Another exceptional student, Sophie has made a sophisticated body of work around the concept of the feminine, exploring...

Margherita, HL Exhibition 27 August 2017

It gives me particular pleasure to showcase Margheritas work here. She was the student of my dear friend and colleague...

Enrico, Exhibition HL 17 July 2017

View a selection of Enrico's exhibition pieces in the slideshow below and read an excerpt from his curatorial rationale....

Viola, Exhibition HL 30 June 2017

Student Viola V chose to focus on her childhood fear of dolls, exploring the uncomfortable and uneasy feelings she associated...

Process Portfolio Gallery 14 April 2017

In this section you will find examples of students' Process Portfolio screens. Only a selection of screens per student will...

Sumnima, Exhibition HL 14 March 2017

This HL Exhibition work presents an interesting and different example of a student who was not a naturally technically adept...

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