Topic 5: Soil systems, terrestrial food production

Soil systems, terrestrial food production

With the rise of veganism and recent reports from the Lancet commission and Oxford University , this part of the course is packed with opportunities for relevant and pertinent learning. 

Topic 5 looks soil as a system and thorough links between it and food production. Global food supply and the inequalities that exist within it are highlighted as are opportunities for students to think through the future of food production.

Significant Ideas

  • The soil system is a dynamic ecosystem that has inputs, outputs, storages and flows.
  • The quality of soil influences the primary productivity of an area.
  • The sustainability of terrestrial food production systems is influenced by sociopolitical, economic and ecological factors.
  • Consumers have a role to play through their support of different terrestrial food production systems.
  • The supply of food is inequitably available and land suitable for food production is unevenly distributed among societies, and this can lead to conflict and concerns.
  • Fertile soils require significant time to develop through the process of succession.
  • Human activities may reduce soil fertility and increase soil erosion.
  • Soil conservation strategies exist and may be used to preserve soil fertility and reduce soil erosion

Recommended teaching time (not including practicals) = 12 hours

5.1 Introduction to Soil Systems

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5.2 Food and Consumer Choice

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5.2 Food Production Systems

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5.3 Soil Degradation & Conservation

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