Option 2: History of the Americas

There are 18 possible topics in this section which range from 8th Century to 20th Century, from Medieval times to developments at the end of the 20th Century. This allows you to broaden out your curriculum to cover a wider chronology. You do not have to choose sections from the same time frame - you could, for example, do the unit on slavery alongside 20th Century topics.

A  full list of topics can be seen in the IB Teachers' guide for History

It is recommended that you teach three sections in full.

To see the sections that we have covered so far on this site, please see below!

Topic 12: The Great Depression and the Americas

The Wall Street Crash of October 1929 led to a devastating economic depression - not just in the United States but also the rest of the Americas - and indeed, countries of Europe and Asia. Topic 12 focuses...

Topic 13: The Second World War and the Americas (1933–1945)

Growing hostilities in Europe and Asia presented challenges to the Americas. Although a policy of isolation was initially followed, America and Canada found themselves involved indirectly and then directly...

Topic 16: The Cold War and the Americas (1945–1981)

The Americas were profoundly affected by the Cold War and it affected the domestic and foreign policies of all countries in this region. This unit overlaps with the Cold War Topic on Paper 2: Topic 12...

Topic 17: Civil rights and social movements in the Americas post-1945

This section examines the search for equality by those groups in America who experienced forms of discrimination and the extent to which they challenged established authority and attitudes.

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