Introduction to the site

The InThinking Physics site is designed, written and updated by two physics teachers with physics teachers and their classes in mind.

We hope that you will find the Getting started section useful if you are new to the IB, physics teaching or these resources. Returning subscribers are also advised to check out this area to make sure that you are using the full functionality of the site.

At the heart of the site are the SL CoreAdditional HL and Options topic sections, perfect for constructing medium term unit planners, day to day lesson planning and setting independent work for students. They are organised in this order:

  • Topic title
  • Unit planner
  • Sub-topic teacher information
  • Problem-based learning and student activities
  • Practical work (if required)
  • Multiple choice questions
  • Problems
  • Optional practical work
  • Test

For those important times of year, we have also included everything you need to know about the Individual investigation and Assessment.

The IB Core section might not be a first priority, but should form the basis of everything we do. It's worth a visit if you are considering being an Extended Essay supervisor or if you are running the Group 4 project. You can also revise the Learner Profile, Theory of Knowledge and Community Activity Service pages to convince your IB coordinator that you're teaching the IB Diploma, not just physics.

Emma has also written a blog post about the site.

Standard Level Core

A core is the centre of something but I'm not sure that the syllabus core is really the centre, I would call it the base since it's the basics that everything else is built upon. The old syllabus was...

Additional Higher Level

The core contains pretty much the basic topics but maybe not enough if you want to study physics or a related subject at university, the additional HL content adds depth to waves, fields, electricity,...


The organisation of the options in the last syllabus was rather complicated, some were HL only some were SL only but also part of AHL and some were combined. The eye and sight was the only topic that...

Individual investigation

This section contains information and resources relating to the Internal Assessment, which in physics takes the form of an investigation where students work as individuals.In a nutshell, students are...


This section contains information about the three exam papers as well as some worked solutions.

IB Core

The IB course can be represented by a circle. The circle is divided into six sections, each representing one of the six diploma subjects. These six sections enclose the core of extended essay, theory...

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