Textbooks for Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation

Four textbooks written by Tim Garry and five highly experienced IB maths teachers (Wazir, Frederick, Nakamoto, Lumb & Landmann) provide comprehensive coverage for both of the new IBDP maths courses. Each textbook comes with an e-book that contains a complete digital copy of the text along with additional support material for students and teachers.


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  • 22 Sep Rodrigo Giménez
    Sample Mock Exams
    Tendrían en versión español los exámenes?
  • 21 Sep Julie Rogers
    Probability of events (TN)
  • 20 Sep Tim Garry
    Paper 3 HL
    Hi Prashant, Thank you for your query. I have just finished two more HL Paper 3 practice questions (with worked solutions) and will be posting them the next day or two. cheers, Tim
  • 20 Sep Gareth Stevens
    Sequences & series
    What is the time allowed for these tests and quizzes?
  • 20 Sep Tim Garry
    Probability of events (TN)
    Hi Julie, Counting principles (incl permutations & combinations) is in the HL AA syllabus content (although not in SL). It is listed in syllabus item AHL 1.10. cheers, Tim
  • 20 Sep Julie Rogers
    Probability of events (TN)
    Hi Tim, I am trying to figure out if probability with counting principles is in the new HL AA curriculum. I can't seem to see it but I wonder? Any clue? Thanks
  • 16 Sep Prashant Mehta
    Paper 3 HL
    Could you kindly upload more Paper 3 type of questions
  • 16 Sep Jose Paulo Valdeleon Santiago Valdeleon Santiago
    Start-of-Course Assessment
    This is a good assessment material.
  • 11 Sep Jose Paulo Valdeleon Santiago Valdeleon Santiago
    P.o.t.W. #14
    These problems are great for Friday lessons, to give student's a change of pace. It is worth mentioning how Gauss childhood story .... Gauss was asked (by his Primary school teacher) to add all the numbers from 1 to 100. He divided the numbers...
  • 9 Sep Tim Garry
    TI-Nspire Top Tips
    Hi Monika, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Youtube changed the status of the videos - so I've gone and re-set them so the videos should now all work. Again, thanks for pointing this out.
  • 9 Sep Monika Anthonyova
    TI-Nspire Top Tips
    Hi, I cannot access the GDC videos anymore. But they were really nice. Would it be possible to have a look at this and check whether everything is ok?
  • 6 Sep Tim Garry
    P.o.t.W. #11
    Hi Paul, Thanks for the query. I hope I'm not missing something. The question could have kept it more general and just asked for two "sequences" but the two answers are both arithmetic sequences (81, 90, 99, 108, 117, 126, 135, 144 and 112.5,...