Textbooks for Analysis & Approaches and Applications & Interpretation

Four textbooks written by Tim Garry and five highly experienced IB maths teachers (Wazir, Frederick, Nakamoto, Lumb & Landmann) provide comprehensive coverage for both of the new IBDP maths courses. Each textbook comes with an e-book that contains a complete digital copy of the text along with additional support material for students and teachers.


Subscriber comments

  • 28 Jul BASKAR S V
    Paper 3 HL
    Thank you so much Tim.
  • 16 Jul Rajesh Sesetti
    Paper 3 HL
    Dear Tim, Thank you.. it's really helpful..
  • 11 Jul Poorvi Doshi
    1. Number & Algebra
    Hi Tim I am wondering why there is no quiz on binomial theorem with rational index.
  • 25 Jun Daniel Palacios
    Managing the Exploration
    Tal como lo describes Rodrigo. Se asigna un nivel de logro para cada criterio y luego se suman.
  • 15 Jun Tim Garry
    Mock Exams
    Hi Anjan, IB exams were also not conducted at my school so I have not yet seen the exams. You will need to ask your IB coordinator to obtain the exams for you. cheers, Tim
  • 14 Jun Rodrigo Giménez
    Managing the Exploration
    Cómo se evalúa la exploración? Se utilizan directamente la rúbrica y se dan los puntos según los criterios? Por ejemplo: Criterio A 3p? y así sumamos todos los puntos en cada criterio?
  • 13 Jun Anjan Chaudhary
    Mock Exams
    Hello Tim, This year because of the pandemic, we could not conduct the May 21 examination.Is it possible to share the papers of HL and SL in this forum for the May 21 series for us to have a look. Looking forward to your support.
  • 7 Jun Tim Garry
    Exploration (IA) Ideas
    Hi Sai, The only IA criterion which has different descriptors for SL and HL is criterion E: use of mathematics. The HL descriptor for criterion E states that the mathematics should "demonstrate sophistication and rigour." So, one way to help...
  • 4 Jun Sai kirthiga Ganesan
    Exploration (IA) Ideas
    Hi I am Sai from Chennai, India. I have a question about how we can consider an IA Topic to be at HL Level? I have taught SL Math previously. I have guided 10 students so far. But being able to decide if a topic is suitable for HL or SL has...
  • 1 Jun Benson Wallace
    Euler's method-applet & example
    Awesome thanks!
  • Hi Benson, Here is the link to the GeoGebra applet shown on this page:
  • 28 May Benson Wallace
    Euler's method-applet & example
    Hi Tim, is it possible to share the Geogebra file link? Thanks!