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InThinking Business Management – testimonials

I have been looking up at the InThinking for BM and I just wanted to say that this resource is so so good. So much of visual stimulation and engaging material. It's got me gripped. I love the way you develop your content. Thanks again for these fantastic materials. Very, very helpful.
Ruchi Steven, Bunts Sangha S M Shetty International School & Junior College, Mumbai, India

I’ve gone through sections of the InThinking Business Management platform - it’s something I have been waiting for to get published for some time now and I think it covers the content very well such as the question banks, lesson plan ideas, embedded videos, comprehension review questions, etc. However, I think the best part of this website are its resources for CUEGIS (Paper 2) as well as for the Internal Assessments. I’ve struggled to find / make resources as clear and manageable for students to understand.
Chris Taylor, Secondary Principal, International School of Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Thank you for the InThinking website. This is awesome as it will help me to work remotely.
Jane Guy, St. Andrew’s International School, Bahamas

The website is fabulous, congratulations. Our Business Management classes grow each year.
Jil Robinson, International School of Geneva, Switzerland

I have been going through your InThinking site for Business Management it really is made wonderfully. It is definitely going to be very useful and I am going to ask my school to subscribe for the same.
Nitin Dhareshwar, Aditya Birla World academy, Mumbai, India.

Signed up for the InThinking website and it's very resourceful and helpful. Thank you for that.
Ekta Punjabi, Podar International School, Mumbai, India

My students are enjoying accessing your site, as have I. The way you format the notes, including the advantages and disadvantages are beneficial for note taking and review purposes. As a teacher, I appreciate the varied sources you use for video case studies. As head of my school's ATL committee, I especially appreciate the inclusion of ATL classroom activities.
Nicole Bereti, St. John's School, Canada

Great fan of your work, Paul. We have the InThinking subscription as well as your textbooks.
Adam Rooney, HoD Individuals & Societies, GEMS Education, UAE

I am very glad that my school decided to subscribe to your website. It is honestly very beneficial and supporting me throughout my classes. I am a new BM teacher, and your help is MUCH appreciated! So, thank you for such a detailed explanation of the IBDP Business Management course!
Danyah Barqouni, IBDP Business Management Teacher, Mashrek International School

Thank you again for InThinking - it is a great teaching site.
Andrew Spagnardi, Head of Business Management, SIS Medan, Singapore Group of Schools (Indonesia)

This year will be my first time teaching IB Business Management. I have been reviewing InThinking Business Management and I think it is great. Thank you very much.
Alfred Rasmussen, Thuringia International School in Weimar, Germany

InThinking is ridiculously good value. I honestly don't know how I would have survived teaching this year without InThinking for Business Management.
Tony Friend, YCIS, Hong Kong SAR

Just subscribed with my school here in Dubai, fantastic resource and very much up to date with the current business and economic climate. Keep up the great work, Paul!
Cathal O'Mahony, Service Learning Coordinator at Swiss International Scientific School in Dubai, UAE

InThinking Business Management is an excellent and varied resource for teachers and students. Many thanks for your continued contributions.
Dr. Rima Dinesh Puri, Senior IB Business Management Examiner & IA and EE Moderator

Congrats on the website, Paul. I think you have done a remarkable job of sharing knowledge and skills. :)
Bob Darwish, Director General at Alcanta International College, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China

Paul Hoang, it really is an amazing website! Feeling a bit more confident now!
Dhanya Seshan, International School of Budapest

Just my personal and professional opinion, but Paul’s website is definitely better than Kognity (which is not as in-depth as InThinking) and IB Business Management by Derek Burton (not as well organized or content-rich as InThinking). I’ll certainly be asking my school to switch to InThinking this year.
Matt Temp, Nord Anglia Education, USA

I want to thank you for the amazing resources that are released through InThinking. The Year 12 BM cohort at QAHS (72 students) are finding the resources to be highly beneficial towards their journey to finals in November.
Dion Obst, Business and Exercise Science Teacher, Queensland Academies, Health Sciences Campus, Australia

InThinking Business Management resources

    Online resources

    1.  Business Case Studies online (

    Business Case Studies is a great online resource for adding contexts to the IB Business Management syllabus. The website provides (mainly) free resources, including some lesson plans, SWOT analyses and plenty of example for students preparing for their CUEGIS essay assessment.

    2.  PanMore (

    Panmore is an excellent source of business case studies and a fantastic and free resource which provides excellent case studies for the CUEGIS assessment. Many of the case studies include SWOT and/or PEST analyses, which could also be very useful for the Internal Assessment.

    3.  STEEPLE Analysis (

    This is a brilliant resource for Unit 1.5 and for students looking for real-world examples of STEEPLE (PESTLE or PEST) analysis for their Internal Assessment. A free resource, provides read-made secondary market research for the IA. It can also be used by some students in preparation of their CUEGIS essays.

    4.  Harvard Business Review (

    Harvard Business Review is a useful resource for some great articles covering many tools, theories and techniques in the IB Business Management syllabus, including (indirectly) coverage of the CUEGIS concepts. For example, this video introduces how cultures across the world approach leadership and management. The Harvard Business Review can be a very useful resources for students writing their Extended Essay in Business Management.

    5.  Twitter

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    6.  Facebook teacher support group

    Join the hundreds of teachers on the InThinking IB Business Management support group for teachers on Facebook. You do not need to be an InThinking subscriber to join this growing support group, to share questions, ideas and resources. Click this link to join the group and to see the recent posts from the global community of more than 840 IB Business Management teachers.

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