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Retail Economics

28 November 2021

The last week of November is one of the most significant periods in the year for retail spending. Black Friday (the Friday following the Thanksgiving... more

Turkish lira crashes to ‘insane’ historic low

28 November 2021

Turkey’s lira crashed to a record low of 13.44 to the dollar on Tuesday, a level once unfathomable and well past what was just last week deemed... more

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  • 30 Nov Mark Johnson
    Shell: A MNC in Nigeria
    Dean I am working on it at the moment, Converting it to the new syllabus style question, it will be back up again tomorrow, sorry for the inconvenience.
  • 30 Nov Dean Brooks
    Shell case study mark scheme
    Can't access it.
  • 30 Nov Dean Brooks
    Shell: A MNC in Nigeria
    I am unable to access the PDF.  I am signed in, but it keeps saying I can't access it without signing in.
  • 30 Nov Matthew Bigland
    Unit 2.5-2.6: Multiple choice quiz
    Thankyou, I was interpreting it incorrectly. I thought the question meant 'golf club' as in an actual golf club used to hit the balls. Thanks for clearing this up! 
  • Chet the answers you mentioned are exactly the same as the answers on the page.  However, there is a problem with the printed mark scheme which I have now removed - this was an old version that for some reason came up when the page was...
  • UK as they have seen a fall in the size of their current account deficit. Switzerland has seen a fall in its surplus.This seems to be a problematic answer too! Sorry If I'm missing something Mark, although this mark scheme may need updating....
  • Further, the answer for 1d) 3.14%?
  • Isn't the answer 201,410 for the balancing item 2021?
  • 29 Nov Mark Johnson
    China steel mark scheme
    I am not 100% sure Simonne, certainly under the old syllabus yes (and I am an examiner for paper two).  I think that with a 4 mark question and only two marks available for the diagram it would be asking rather a lot to expect to see tariff...
  • Matthew, golf membership which in the short term is perfectly elastic because you can add as many members as you want to one golf course (in the short term) and the VCs are almost zero.  In the long run, of course, the course gets roughed...
  • But Charlie that's exactly what my diagram shows, in the slide it looks to me like the first part of the perfectly elastic supply curve (Q1s-Q2s) should be imported (i.e. part of the quota) but it probably is correct.  In my question I...
  • 29 Nov Simonne Guilherme
    China steel mark scheme
    Mark first I  would like to thank you for always answering our quests and requests promptly! Thanks a lot! Second, could I maintain the guideline that in the diagram for question d, one tariff line would be enough?  My fear is that...