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Economics Course Companion by Jocelyn Blink & Ian Dorton.

Providing clear and inviting instruction and guidance, this Companion will support students through their IB Economics course. It includes cross-curricular materials...


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The ECB keeps printing money as German inflation soars

12 June 2021

Transferring taxpayer cash from Germany to southern Europe under the EU Recovery Fund is controversial and could prove politically toxic. The... more

G7 agree a minimum corporation tax rate on multinationals

6 June 2021

An international agreement to discuss with a classtextOn Saturday 5 June the G7 leading industrial nations (US, the UK, France, Germany, Canada,... more

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  • 16 Jun Mark Johnson
    Introductory activity
    Pamela and Pushkar, I have added a new link so it works on all browsers, thank you for writing Pamela.
  • 16 Jun Pamela Murphy
    Introductory activity
    The page opens on my browser. I am using Chrome. Perhaps try it again.
  • 15 Jun Mark Johnson
    Mark scheme Q6 Microeconomics 
    Mark I could not say if inferior goods are anglocentric or not? In terms of page 99 of Tragakes, her diagram is different because it shows the relationship between price and demand or three goods - inferior, normal (inelastic PED) and normal...
  • 15 Jun Mark Brassington
    Mark scheme Q6 Microeconomics 
    Hi Mark Am just wondering if inferior goods are largely an anglocentric notion as there is no specific mention in your specimen answer. Has the graph on p99 of Tragakes has been incorrectly drawn as Y axis has been labelled P when in my opinion...
  • 15 Jun Mark Johnson
    Paper 3 style questions (HL only)
    Mark there has been major changes to the P3 paper, making the old style P3 questions from the legacy specification redundant. I would start by using the ones from this page and then during the summer, we am going to add some P3 questions from...
  • 15 Jun Mark Brassington
    Paper 3 style questions (HL only)
    Hi Mark Has there been much change on paper 3? I was just wondering about the merits of using questions from the legacy specification. Thanks Mark
  • Sourav I have added them, take a look.
  • 15 Jun Sourav Mondal
    Price controls − maximum price
    Hello Mark , I guess the answers for Activity 2 is missing . Please have a look . TYIA.
  • 15 Jun Pushkar Kumar
    Introductory activity
    GDP of nation (a full list of GDP) page is not working
  • I am afraid not Sudha, there simply aren't enough activities to make it worthwhile doing one. Most of the inequality stuff, by the way, is in the macro section - 3.4, this is a brief introduction in terms of how it is derived from market failure.
  • Hi, Is there a pdf for this section?
  • 7 Jun Alex Smith
    Unit 2.1: Demand theory
    Hi Sandra, I'm assuming you are referring to the question on electric vehicles. The focus of the question is when a fall in the price of EVs leads to an increase in quantity demanded. This is explained through a shift in supply because it explains...