Economics Course Companion (Oxford)

Economics Course Companion by Jocelyn Blink & Ian Dorton.

Providing clear and inviting instruction and guidance, this Companion will support students through their IB Economics course. It includes cross-curricular materials...


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  • Yes thank you Louise, it is clear from the diagram that the first part is inelastic, then elastic and finally negative.
  • Fiona B is the correct answer because the UN recommends a 0.7% contribution (not 0.5%), a figure only achieved by Denmark, Norway, Sweden and UK. D, as far as I know is true.
  • Activity 9: is A not inelastic part
  • Question 19 - can you please clarify that the correct answer is D (and not B)
  • 12 Apr Mark Johnson
    Mark scheme Q3 unit 3-4
    Rita the confusion will disappear in the summer when I convert all of the old syllabus questions into the new syllabus
  • 12 Apr Rita Chandran
    Mark scheme Q3 unit 3-4
    Dear Mark, Thank you so much. Rita
  • 10 Apr Mark Johnson
    Mark scheme Q3 unit 3-4
    Rita I have just realized what the issue is, you are looking under the old syllabus P1 questions, but these ones are for the new syllabus. The page that you need is available at:
  • 10 Apr Rita Chandran
    Mark scheme Q3 unit 3-4
    Sorry Mark, But I am not seeing the same questions. What I see is as follows Exam style questions inflation 1. (a) Explain two possible reasons why the rate of inflation may rise in an economy. [10 marks] (b) Evaluate the possible impact of...
  • Anisha its now on its own page at:
  • 9 Apr Mark Johnson
    Economic profit (HL only)
    William I wouldn't say that activity 5 is general rule of economics based, i.e. why in economics businesses remain in business despite only making 'normal profits'. this is obviously to do with economic costs including opportunity costs and...
  • Hi Thank you for the resources. I was unable to download the crossword puzzle for my students.
    Economic profit (HL only)
    My kids and I are wondering how do you go from one to the other.