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The 'Cell theory' states that all living things are made of cells.

Which of the statements below also form part of the 'cell theory'?

According to cell theory, living organisms are composed of cells. 
Cells come from pre-existing cells and cells are the smallest using of life.


Some people say that the cell theory isn't a good theory because there are exceptions.

Which of the following could be considered an exception to cell theory?

Exceptions to cell theory are : multinucleated striated muscle the giant single celled Acetabularia algae?
Also, organisms consisting of only one cell carry out all functions of life in that cell. e.g. Paramecium, Chlorella.


There are seven processes which are said to be possessed by all living things.

This venus fly trap has just caught an unfortunate fly.  The fly is trying to escape from the trap.

Which characteristic of living things, shared by both plants and insects, is illustrated by the action in this photo?

The characteristics of living things (Mr H. Gren - metabolism, response, homeostasis, growth, reproduction, excretion & nutrition)

The fly is responding to the closing trap, and the trap has responded to the presence of the fly.


Which ratio is thought to limit the size of cells?

Surface area to volume ratio is important in the limitation of cell size.


When muscle cells form cardiac muscle tissue in the heart they can pump blood.

If you only ever studied individual cardiac muscle cells you would never see the blood pumping properties.

What is this type of property called?

Multicellular organisms have properties that emerge from the interaction of their cellular components. (Emergent properties)


A single stem cell can form a range of different daughter cells. 
Which of the statements best describes how this happens?

Specialised tissues can develop by cell differentiation in multicellular organisms.

Differentiation involves the expression of some genes and not others in a cell.



Which of the following are special properties of stem cells which make them so useful for new medical treatments?

Stem cells can divide and this help researchers to grow them in the lab.

They can differentiate along different pathways in embryonic development which makes stem cells useful for therapeutic uses (e.g. Stargardt's disease) because they can be grown into many different tissues.


The electron microscope image below shows a scale bar marked with 10µm.

It has been measured to be 3.5cm (i.e. 35 mm) long by a student using the rule shown.

What is the magnification of the image?

Calculate the magnification of an electron microscope image from a scale bar?

Convert the ruler measurement to the same units written on the scale bar,

then divide the ruler measurement by the number on the scale bar.


The image below shows a small food vacuole in a cell.

Using the scale bar, estimate the diameter of the vacuole.  Which answer is the best estimate

Calculate specimen size using a scale bar?

You can often estimate the size using the scale bar and your thumb?


The erythrocytes below were imaged using an electron microscope.

The magnification is x3000 and the ruler measures the central cell as being 2 cm in diameter.

Estimate the actual size of this erythrocyte.

Calculate specimen size using magnification?

First change the size measurement into µm units = 20000µm

Then divide by the magnification.  20000 / 3000 = 20 / 3  = 6.6 µm


Some people are excited about the potential benefits from stem cell research and other people have deep concerns.

Which of the following is not a potential benefits of the use of stem cells?

There are ethical concerns about the use of embryo stem cells.

The research is expensive, and potential treatments are also likely to be expensive, and probably not available to all.

Many people who are against stem cells say that it is because cells are taken from human embryos, which have the potential for human live, and should be protected.  There are other sources of stem cells, they argue.


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