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Uploading Visual Arts Checklistfree15 March 2019

Here it is, what you've been asking for, a simplified checklist for your students to know exactly what they need to have ready for the Electronic Submission of all 3 components. Add your own dates with... more

Exhibition Assessment Criteria15 March 2019

It is Internally Assessed by you the teacher and externally moderated.Both SL and HL students select and present their own original, resolved artworks accompanied by exhibition texts and a written curatorial... more

The Exhibition15 March 2019

In the visual arts curriculum The Exhibition is 40% of final grade.This component is Internally Assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by an examiner.The final exhibition is the culmination... more

Preparing for an IB Art Exhibition15 March 2019

Most schools in the northern hemisphere will stage their IB art shows some time in March. Time to start planning the space, how you will divide it among students, walls, dividers, plinths, are there any... more

E submission Process Portfoliofree13 March 2019

The Process Portfolio is digitally uploaded on IBIS where it is assessed by an external examiner. Last date for uploading PP is April 30 (October 30 for schools in southern hemisphere) For general submission... more

Art Making Forms Table11 March 2019

In order to encourage ample experimentation with a range of techniques and media, there is minimum requirement of art-making forms to be addressed in the Process Portfolio, The art making forms table... more

Writing Guidelines for Rationale11 March 2019

The Curatorial Rationale explains and supports the final exhibition. It describes the context in which the work was made, any challenges or discoveries along the way, why these pieces were chosen, the... more

Curatorial Rationale11 March 2019

The Curatorial Rationale is similar to an artists’ statement, but refers specifically to the work selected for this exhibition rather than the general artistic output. It is required for Part 3, The... more

The Research Questionfree10 March 2019

A good research questionChoosing the research question is perhaps the single most important factor in determining the success of the EE.The EE topic must be formulated as a Research Question, not as a... more

E submission Comparative Study8 March 2019

The externally assessed components, The Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio are digitally uploaded and sent to IBIS where they are assessed by an external examiner.The CS is submitted as a PDF... more