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Exhibition Gallery17 January 2019

In this section you will find slideshows of students' exhibition photos with texts and extracts from their Curatorial Rationale.For each student represented a selection of studio work is shown, not the... more

Comparative Study Gallery17 January 2019

In this section you will find examples of students' comparative studies. The gallery begins with a few examples only, and will grow over time as teachers share their students work after assessment. more

Enrico, Process Portfolio HL14 January 2019

View some of Enrico's Process Portfolio screens below and check out also Enrico, CS HL and Enrico's Exhibition HL . This student has developed consistently exceptional work throughout the course. It is... more

Joanna, Process Portfolio HLfree13 January 2019

Thanks to Joanna and her teacher Rachel Kirby at UWC Costa Rica for sharing this very engaging process portfolio. Joanna received 34 out of 34 for this portfolio, full marks! Even though she got a 5 on... more

Process Portfolio Gallery11 January 2019

In this section you will find examples of students' Process Portfolio screens. A selection of screens per student will be available to view, not the entire submission. This is to protect students form... more

E submission Process Portfolio9 January 2019

Both the CS and the Process Portfolio are submitted as PDF documents with a prescribed number of "screens" for each level.Students can compose these screens however they want, using a combination of scanned... more

Rothko on Teaching Artfree3 January 2019

He taught art for over 20 years at the Brooklyn Jewish Center to kindergarteners through 8th graders— his students didnt think of him as an avant-garde superstar, he was just “Rothkie".I recommend... more

Film and Painting28 December 2018

This page includes fun, visual resources with videos and links for students and teachers interested in the relationship between film and painting. We will look at both examples of film inspiring painting... more

Photo Montage Collage13 December 2018

Sure we know Instagram and photoshop, but remember polaroid and photo montage? altered images have been around since the 19th century, when photography was first invented. to the history of image altering,... more

Compare and Contrast11 December 2018

Art teachers have always taught how to compare and contrast artworks long before the CS was a requirement. This page looks at how to teach visual analysis in general but can also be used as practice in... more