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Stefanie, Process Portfolio SLfree17 July 2019

Thanks to Lucie Wiedemann at the International School of Augsburg for sharing this exciting work by her student Stefanie. Stefanie's portfolio shows deep engagement with the processes and the ideas she... more

Originality of Student Work free15 July 2019

"Originality" in this case refers to authenticity, not creativity. The importance of the process and the crafting is integral to the work that is presented for the final exhibition, therefor IB Art students... more

Grade Boundaries10 July 2019

What do those numbers on the assessment criteria charts add up to in actual 1-7 grades? Grade boundaries are the cut off points established for each mark band, ie points needed to reach a 7. The boundaries... more

Teaching to Think Creatively7 July 2019

What is the most important thing about art education?Art teachers teach many things, among them composition, drawing skills, manipulation of materials and techniques, art history and understanding cultural... more

Summer CS Research6 July 2019

Send your mid IB students off with some summer homework that will give the Comparative Study an extra boost.Summer holidays are an opportune time for students to visit museums, galleries, or artist studios... more

Mid IB Summer Assignments6 July 2019

Begin year 2 with clear ideas and a sense of personal direction, ready to work towards a coherent exhibition.Mid IBDP summer is a critical moment for art students. They have completed the first year... more

Mindmapping 29 June 2019

Mindmaps can be very useful in many occasions, particularly when a student is having trouble thinking broadly and seeing connections. It is a way of developing ideas... more

Unit Plan: Foundation Skills29 June 2019

A starting unit designed for year 1 students coming from different skill levels and degrees of preparation. This Unit focuses on building the basic drawing skills and vocabulary that students will use... more

Framing Your Vision20 June 2019

The activities on this page develop work for the Process Portfolio with lens based art making forms.A teaching idea using the work of photographer William Eggleston as a reference. This assignment emphasizes... more

Visual (formal) Analysis 27 May 2019

For The Comparative Study students are asked to identify and analyze the formal qualities of each artwork considered, for assessed criterion A. This is called Visual (or Formal) analysis.criterion A.... more