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Medium and Messagefree16 October 2021

From ideation to creation: Finding a starting point is often the most difficult part of making art. Where do you start, with a concept, an image, or a piece of string?An awareness of how ideas begin and... more

From Ideation to Creation12 October 2021

From ideation to creation: Finding a starting point is often the most difficult part of making art. This page reflects on different ways to begin. Where do you prefer to start, with a concept, an image,... more

Joanna, Process Portfolio HLfree12 October 2021

Thanks to Joanna and her teacher Rachel Kirby at UWC Costa Rica for sharing this very engaging process portfolio. Joanna received 34 out of 34 for this portfolio, full marks! Even though she got a 5 on... more

Alina SL Process Portfoliofree11 October 2021

Take some time to peruse her portfolio in the gallery slide show and the highlighted samples below to discover how she makes connections across disciplines and ties together ideas, accompanied by persistent... more

Group 6 Grade Descriptors 8 October 2021

These descriptors refer to all subjects in Group 6 and are not specific to Visual Arts only. These criteria are general enough to apply to all the art forms included in group 6: Dance, Music, Film, Theatre,... more

Critical Investigation4 October 2021

Process PortfolioCriterion B Critical investigationTo what extent does the portfolio demonstrate the students critical investigation of artist, artworks and artistic genres, communicating a growing awareness... more

Kashish, CS SL26 September 2021

This student chose a topic " Challenging the Patriarchy" for her comparative study (a topic is not a requirement). This guided her selection and analysis of three apparently very different artworks by... more

Distance and Blended Learning 23 September 2021

Blended learning is the new normal at this point. With most schools closed due to the Covid-19 outbreaks, there is a necessity to revisit about how you use technology to achieve a continuity of learning.... more

PP Rubric for Students23 September 2021

The rubric below lays out the 5 PP criteria and describes examples of what each might look like in practice, with a handy column for teacher comments and marks. The rubric was put together by a group... more

Process Portfolio Galleryfree23 September 2021

In this section you will find examples of students' Process Portfolio screens. A selection of screens per student will be available as a gallery slideshow, and in some cases the entire submission. You... more