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Collage!free10 December 2017

Collage is a personal favorite of mine and a great medium for low budget art rooms. Revisit this medium with your students and discover new artists and ways of making collage, enrich the Process Portfolio,... more

Collaborative Projectsfree3 December 2017

Collaborative projects may make interesting material for the PP, but if the students wish to use the piece in their exhibition, then they must be able to demonstrate clearly which part of the work is... more

African American Quilting26 November 2017

Quilting is generally thought of as a form of textile craft. This page looks at some examples from the rich African American tradition of quilting and how some quilts are an art form in their own right.... more

Studio Work in Progress Rubric19 November 2017

Are you finding it difficult to grade student studio work during the course using the full Exhibition Assessment Criteria ?Well, no surprise, those criteria are aimed at the overall Exhibition, including... more

Cultural and Geographic Focusfree13 November 2017

Our notion of art is primarily taught from a Western, European perspective. These pages are an invitation to explore the rich variety of art forms that arise specific to place and culture throughout our... more

Zere, CS HL7 November 2017

This example of an organized and articulate Comparative Study earned Zere a 7. She was motivated by her interest in photography and by her own cultural experiences as a female in the middle east, to... more

Sample Extended Essays7 November 2017

Research QuestionThis EE looks at the works of Peter Paul Rubens, Jenny Saville and Willem De Kooning, and explores this Research Question:“Flesh is the reason oil painting was invented” To what... more

Secondary Sources 7 November 2017

Students need help finding appropriate art works to analyze and compare for their Comparative Study, and they need to identify artists to inspire them and lead them along their path, but where do you... more

Process Portfoliofree29 October 2017

The Process Portfolio, or PP, is 40 % of the final mark and it is the testimony of the student's artistic journey during the course. It is not intended to be of polished, refined, or even resolved work;... more

Fashion Design22 October 2017

Many female, and some male students express an interest in fashion. However, there is a need for them to acquire some background and become informed if they wish to develop original thinking in this field.... more