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Exhibitions to see in 2018free22 April 2018

Once exams are over, its time to give some attention to those year 1 students again... maybe you want to visit to an art museum near you, or even plan a field trip that ventures further abroad. OR, without... more

Group 6 Grade Descriptors 15 April 2018

These descriptors refer to all subjects in Group 6 and are not specific to Visual Arts only. These criteria are general enough to apply to all the art forms included in group 6: Dance, Music, Film, Theatre,... more

Grade Boundaries15 April 2018

What do those numbers on the assessment criteria charts add up to in actual 1-7 grades? Grade boundaries are the cut off points established for each mark band, ie points needed to reach a 7, and can vary... more

Originality of Student Work 15 April 2018

Our students must make their art work themselves. This is an important point to clarify. The importance of the process and the crafting is integral to the work that is presented for the final exhibition. more

Reviewing, Reflecting, Refiningfree15 April 2018

The Process Portfolio naturally supports and informs students developing studio work, through the exploration of skills, techniques and processes and critical investigations into artists, artworks, art... more

CS, HL Connections 9 April 2018

Higher Level students have an extra requirement for The Comparative Study ... criterion F, which gives context to their own work in relation to the artwork studied, by making meaningful connections. more

CS Assessment Criteria9 April 2018

There are 5 assessed criteria, with the addition of one more for HL (F). These criteria address the areas of learning within this component (part 1 CS) that are expected of the student: critical thinking... more

PP Asssessment Criteria7 April 2018

On this page you will find There are 5 assessment criteria for the PP, for a total of 34 marks A Skills, techniques and processes: 12 marksB Critical investigation: 6 marks more

CAF (Coursework Authentification Form)6 April 2018

The IB has introduced a coursework authentification form for all DP subjects. On the form for Visual Arts "6VACAF", the teacher records three interactions with each student at various stages of thier... more

E submission for Exhibition5 April 2018

The materials for the internally assessed ( by you) Exhibition Component are e-submitted as a portfolio of individual files as specified in the following table. The option of submitting these as one PDF... more