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Enrico, Exhibition HL17 July 2017

View a selection of Enrico's exhibition pieces in the slideshow below and read an excerpt from his curatorial rationale. Hats off to his teacher Nicola Shears at St Louis School in Milan! more

Interdisciplinary Connectionsfree16 July 2017

Collaboration between the arts and other subject areas has the potential to create new knowledge, and cross fertilize ideas and processes in both fields.Art making can be inspired by encounters or connections... more

Reviewing, Reflecting, Refiningfree13 July 2017

The Process Portfolio naturally supports and informs students developing studio work, through the exploration of skills, techniques and processes and critical investigations into artists, artworks, art... more

Referencing and Citing Sources13 July 2017

A reference is a way of indicating to the reader, in an orderly form, where information has been obtained. References must be cited because they acknowledge the sources used, and enable the reader to... more

Agata, CS HL13 July 2017

This is a fine example of a Comparative study that received a 7. Agata looks at a selection of artworks by two artists from different cultural contexts, Katarina Fritsch and Anish Kapoor, making relevant... more

Postcard Secrets Exhibition8 July 2017

IB Art teacher Christina Rich in Cologne, Germany, shares her experience of a school art gallery as educational spaceThe Art exhibitions create a sense of community; showcasing the pupils’ work, which... more

An African Cloth5 July 2017

Explore regional traditions, innovative uses of discarded materials, and cultural meanings communicated through materialsThis resource directly supports Comparative study criterion C: Analysis and Evaluation... more

Viola, Exhibition HL30 June 2017

Student Viola V chose to focus on her childhood fear of dolls, exploring the uncomfortable and uneasy feelings she associated with this."My body of work is all connected by the theme of portraying childhood... more

Art vs. Craft28 June 2017

An interesting and always controversial topic for a TOK and ART debate in the classroom, or use the questions for an individual reflection in the visual journal and process portfolio material ( criterion... more

Fashion Design23 June 2017

Many female, and some male students express an interest in fashion. However, there is a need for them to acquire some background and become informed if they wish to develop original thinking in this field.... more