Seed: Drawing from TV

While you are watchin...

pause the movie or video when you see a screen that interests you visually. This might be due to the composition, the light, an atmosphere or a facial expression.

Draw from the paused screen for 4 /5 minutes in the dark, using colored pencils, pens, or brush pens for loose mark making.

Don't worry about what your drawing looks like; it's a bit like Blind Drawing 

Play and pause again and again, until you have a series of "film stills"

Your passive watching has become active looking!

You may learn something about the art of filmmaking, composition and visual framing, as well as exercise your gesture drawing skills.

Watch an 8 minute video tutorial from the royal drawing school on drawing from film, its great, I promise.

Artist Links: this is an opportunity to discover some classic films, check out some of these greats

watch Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock  about this film

watch La Strada by Federico Fellini about Fellini

watch Persona by Ingmar Bergman about this film

watch The Apu Trilogy by Satyajit Ray about this film

watch Wong's Chungking Express or other classics from a century of Chinese Cinema

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