Art Seed Bank

The Art Seed Bank is a collection of short invitations to create, to think about art, to try something different.

Choose from the ever expanding seed catalogue, and watch your seed grow.

Seed:Indirect Selfie

Take a series of photos of yourself indirectly, using only reflections, shadows, etc.Think about context, where are you, what is in the picture, what story does it tell?Think about composition, how have...

Seed: What is Beautiful?

Make a pair of images, one ugly, one beautiful.Explain why one is beautiful and the other is ugly.What does this tell you about your aesthetic sensibility?Are you willing to be reconsider what is beautiful?

Seed: Variation of Hues

Make a collection of things, or the traces made by things, of varying hues of the same colour family.Arrange your collection into a composition. Document it. Give it a title.(A hue is a range of tones...

Seed: Under your Feet

Select a small square section of the ground and meticulously record what you see.This could be in nature or urban, inside or outside.Establish a point of view, like looking from above.

Seed: Multiples of One

This could be different shaped leaves, different bus tickets, kinds of teabags, tubes of toothpaste... find or collect; you can solicit but do not buy.When you have a good number of things create a method...

Seed: Mapping your hand

Cup your palm and look into your hand at all the wrinkles formed.Draw the lines with a sharp pencil or fine liner pen, like a complex roadmap, just the internal lines without the outline of your hand.

Seed: Found Frottage

Look for examples of low-relief patterns around you, in architectural details, natural or manmade objects, anything with a raised texture.Record them with rubbings ( frottage) using a peeled crayon, graphite...

Seed: Drawing from TV

While you are watchin...pause the movie when you see a screen that captures you visually.Draw from the paused screen for 4 /5 minutes in the dark, using colored pencils, pens, or try brush pens.

Seed: Design a Shrine

Design an altar or shrine of your own imagining. It does not have to be religious but it should have some significance that makes it sacred to someone or something.Draw your plan and explain why.

Seed: Cross cultural collage

Start with a decent quality print or photocopies of a classic work of art.Cut and paste, combining with another image from a different culture or time, from a magazine for example.Combine the images to...

Seed: Changing Light

Choose a building or a landscape in your area, draw it in chalk pastel or charcoal at 3 different times of day, observing the changing light. Artist link : Claude Monet paintings of Rouen Cathedral or Haystacks.

Seed: Shadow Painting

Using a cast shadow to help you get started An easy way to begin a painting... the composition and shapes are already there for you. Be experimental with this, treat it as a way in and see where it leads...

Seed: Portrait with Clothing

Choose a real person as your model or a photo of someone dressed in a particular way. How does the way the person is dressed express her identity?Paint a portrait of this person where the clothing is a...

Seed: Abstract Body

Take a black and white photograph of a part of your own body ( i.e. your arm, leg, chest) that has an abstract feel, not easily recognizable for what it is.This could be become a series of photos, think...

Seed: Real vs Reproduced

Do you often draw from a photograph or even from an image on your phone? This is an exploration of how we see what is in front of us, and how a photographic image differs from what we perceive with our...

Seed: Seeing Space

This exercise is to help you look at objects in terms of positive and negative space, and in doing so you become more aware of shape and the space around shapes, one of the fundamental elements of art.

Seed: Shadow Assemblage

Assemblage: art that is made by assembling disparate elements – often everyday objects – scavenged by the artist or bought specially. _Tate termsMaterialscreate an abstract or naturalistic 3D assemblage...

SEED: Photographing Contradictions

This assignment explores how we percieve emotions through images and challenges our associations tied to certain types of images. You will take a series of photographs that communicate an emotion that...

Seed: Creepy Ink Drawing

Make a drawing that allows the expressivity of the materials and mark making to communicate the nature of your object. Experiment with the material, don't try to be neat, messy is the point!Choose an...

SEED: Deterioration and Transformation

Create a still life of something that will self transform over a period of time.This could be perishable substances; fruit, flowers etc. or it could be something that collapses or melts (ice, wax, snow,...

Seed: On the Edge

Explore the state of precariousness through an artwork.Construct something that is on the edge of collapsing or falling apart, but does not. You can use whatever materials are on hand, no special art...

Seed: On the Grid

This activity explores how a grid can create structure or provide the impetus for a drawingGrid: A pattern or structure made from horizontal and vertical lines crossing each other to form squares

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