Seed: Overlapping Drawings

This drawing exercise develops awareness of design, composition, shape and space through the simplicity of pure contour drawing

Choose a selection of several everyday objects

Make a contour line drawing of each object with only lines, no shading. They do not need to be drawn to scale, in fact, make them each of a similar size. Draw your objects individually in pencil first, then trace each drawing on separate tracing paper and overlay these to create a pleasing composition. Recreate the final combined composition in marker pen on another piece of tracing paper..


Materials for an analog drawing

  • pencil, paper, marker and tracing paper

 Materials for digital drawing and wall projection

  • digital drawing: computer or ipad, drawing software
  • wall drawing: projecter, tape


    Add flat color using a matte paint ( gouache or acrylic works well) or change the colors on your computer. For this exercise you can use source images ( photos) and trace over.

    Artist Link

    Michael Craig Martin

    This Irish artist favours banal objects specific to our moment, rendered as simple, clean outline forms, irrespective of scale, a kind of contemporary pop art. His work is often produced on a huge scale, as temporary installations of wall drawings, lightboxes, and site specific interventions.

    MCM's Drawings

    MCM's Paintings Royal Academy Viewing rooms

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