Uploading Visual Arts Checklist

Checklist for Uploading IB Visual Arts

Here it is, a simplified checklist for students to know exactly what they need to have ready for the Electronic Submission of all 3 components. Set your dates to deliver, allowing plenty of flex time, and good luck everyone!

Place your IB candidate number on all documents, not your name  and take note of current assessment amendments in red or go to  Assessment Updates  

Comparative Study 

HL 10-15 screens plus 3-5 screens making connections to own artwork

SL 10-15 screens only

The CS is submitted as a PDF document, max file size 50 MB

A list of sources submitted as a separate doc, docx, pdf, rtf, 1 MB

Process Portfolio

HL 13-25 screens

SL 9-18 screens

Submitted as PDF max file size 50 MB 

An additional screen listing Sources is now required for the Process Portfolio. This page will not affect the number of screens submitted.

Remember to include the minimum number of art making forms for your level

removal of art making forms requirements 2021/22


Curatorial Rationale (text file DOC, DOCX, PDF, RTF)

  • HL Max 700 words
  • SL Max 400 words

2 Exhibition Overview Photos ( 1 mandatory 1 optional in 2021/22)   ( image files JPG, JPEG, PNG, Max file size 5 MB)


  • HL 8-11  (7-10)
  • SL 4-7  (4-6)

Artworks Image files: JPG, JPEG, PNG, Video: F4V, M4V, MOV, MP4

Max file size 5 MB images/Video 500 MB, 5 minutes

Additional supporting photographs, 2 per artwork permitted but not required, use where needed, for example a detail of a large piece, a series, a sculpture, an installation

Exhibition texts for each artwork, include title, medium, size and  a brief supporting text. Max 500 characters, save as document.

For more info see Remote Exhibition Documentation 

Download, print,    uploading visual arts checklist 

Incomplete work

Do not submit incomplete work. If work has not been completed 2 weeks prior to submission deadline teachers should contact support@ibo.org

Need more info?

For the finer details regarding each separate component go to the relevant site pages

Remote Exhibition

If your school is closed and you are submitting your artwork from home here are a few things you should know.Examiners are advised to be understanding of the circumstances and the less than perfect set...

E Submission Guidelines

The guidelines for electronic submission of student work are detailed below. Any further changes will be updated here as they are published.An overview of what you need to know:Action

E submission Comparative Study

The externally assessed components, The Comparative Study and the Process Portfolio are digitally uploaded and sent to IBIS where they are assessed by an external examiner.The CS is submitted as a PDF...

E submission Process Portfolio

The Process Portfolio is digitally uploaded on IBIS where it is assessed by an external examiner. Last date for uploading PP is April 30 (October 30 for schools in southern hemisphere) For general submission...

E submission for Exhibition

The materials for the internally assessed ( by you) Exhibition Component are e-submitted as a portfolio of individual files as specified in the following table. The option of submitting these as one PDF...

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