Art Making

There are as many approaches to making art as there are artists.

Each students' experience and ability will grow and change throughout the course as they engage in a variety of art making forms and techniques. We strongly encourage all students to try out different materials and techniques and through this experimentation discover which media and materials are most appropriate to their own artistic intentions and abilities.

In the Art Making section

Structure and Freedom ethical expression, teaching visual skills, open ended assignments

Focus and Continuity, developing personal focus and intentionality.

Range of Media, choosing materials according to what you have available and where you are.

Beyond the Studio, venturing into new territories, emerging media and collaborative work.

Techniques, Materials and Processes for teaching ideas, practical lessons, examples.

For Part 2, Process Portfolio students are required to work across different art making forms in order to gain some familiarity with techniques and materials. This does not necessarily apply to the work selected for Part 3, The Exhibition .

The art making forms requirements are to insure that students are exposed to a range of media, 2D, 3D and lens based or electronic media. To see how these requirements differ for HL and SL refer to the Art Making Forms Table

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