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Photo Realism...

 The lure of verisimilitude

Many students try to make realistic drawings based on photographs, which more often than not result in stiff, lifeless "copies". I always encourage drawing from life rather than photographs, whenever possible, or at least refer to a large scale printed photo ( not on phone screen please!!) preferably an image that the student has set up and shot herself.

Here, however, is an example of a student who has successfully developed a series of photo-based drawings for her exhibition, which I'm sure many students will find interesting. You might use this example as a chance to discuss the pros and cons of drawing from photographs and how to make " realistic" drawings that are not merely copies of a photograph. Find out more about photorealism here

Sharply Focused

"Plancha" by Regina For her final IB Art exhibition, Regina made a series of drawings based largely on photographs of people she met skydiving, who made a strong impression on her. In these detailed renderings she records each facial hair, freckle and flaw in her subjects' faces. In several of the portraits she has included reflections of herself and the surroundings in the tiny mirror of the sunglasses, endowing them with a heightened kind of realism that goes beyond the original photo. Like a contemporary Arnolfini Wedding Portrait, the reflection tells a story within a story.

Regina received a 7 for her overall grade in Visual Arts, see also her PP and CS coming soon to the student gallery

Thanks to her teacher Sharon Moore at Edron Academy in Mexico for sharing this example!

View a slideshow of a selection of Regina's work

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Read an excerpt from Regina's Curatorial rationale

I am a believer that physical attributes are the primary way in which we humans can get to know and identify each other. It is the first shell that we present to the world, and therefore the first characteristic that causes any impression. By drawing people I want to specifically reflect all those detailed aspects that makes us unique, as an artist it is truly important to capture the exact essence of each individual, as the audience have never met them before. The photographic references will aid me when explaining and telling the story of each drawing, as they are a contribution that explicitly captures an exact moment, environment, and background. Essential in order to follow and understand in more depth my purpose.

Another element that is crucial to highlight is my monochromatic use of black and white scales, all my drawings were developed with pencils, charcoals, and ink pens. This gives my exhibition a simple and congruent aspect that unifies each piece, showing how although we are all special and unique in different ways, life and human nature unifies us. We all need to be considered as one, no matter our race, our gender, our age, we are all equal. The contrast between white and black helped me create a serious tone, that reflect my purpose even better.

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