The Exhibition

In the new visual arts curriculum  Part 3, The Exhibition is 40% of final grade.

This component is Internally Assessed by the teacher and externally moderated by an examiner.

The final exhibition is the culmination of the students' IB Art experience. Students present a selection of their best work in the form of a curated final show, and defend and articulate their purpose and intention in a written rationale.

Selecting work for the Exhibition

Choose the strongest, most resolved artworks which show these qualities

• technical skill

• appropriate use of materials, techniques, processes

• coherent relationships among the works  ( see A Coherent Body of Work )

• well resolved work in line with stated intentions in rationale ( what constitutes a Resolved Work ?)

• consideration for the overall experience of the viewer (through exhibition, Methods of Display or presentation).

(note: students can present work for the exhibition in any medium, having met the requirements for the Process Portfolio of working in a range of Art Making Forms )

Number of artworks submitted

HL 8-11

SL 4-7

Other Requirements

Exhibition Text

For each piece included students write a brief exhibition text (a few lines) which states the title, medium, size and a brief outline of the original intentions. Go to Exhibition Texts for discussion and examples of how to write an accompanying text

Exhibition Overview Photos

Students must include two photographs of the overall exhibition. This is to help the moderator (who won't see the actual exhibition) better understand the overall layout and experience. The image above is an example of an exhibition overview.

(note: only include the exhibition artworks submitted for assessment in the photos)

Additional Supporting Photos (optional)

Students may choose to include up to two additional photographs of each submitted work. This is intended to provide a sense of scale when showing large works or for pieces that have more than one viewpoint, such as sculpture or installation. These extra photos are not necessary for most studio pieces.

The Curatorial Rationale

400 words max SL

700 words max HL

This is a written statement that accompanies the exhibition. The Curatorial Rationale specifically addresses the body of work chosen for the exhibition. It explains the intentions of the student, considers the presentation of the work using curatorial methodologies, and the relationship with the viewer. (HL) For tips go to Writing Guidelines for Rationale,  look at a Sample HL Rationale or the excellent examples in the Exhibition Gallery  such as Sofia, Exhibition HL  or Margherita, HL Exhibition 

You can go to E submission for Exhibition for file sizes, formats and uploading info when you are ready

What are examiners looking for?

technical accomplishment

a coherent body of work

subtle use of complex imagery that visually communicates stated intentions

a curatorial rationale that justifies selection and presentation of work

The role of the Visual Arts Journal in the exhibition

Throughout the course students can use their visual arts journal to make notes of and reflect on their intentions while making their work, and they can be encouraged to document the developments of this thought process.

For the Curatorial Rationale students can make selections from and adapt passages from their journal.

The Visual Journal can also be used to plan the exhibition, consider the space, the display, the sequencing, the viewers role, and other curatorial issues.

For overall submission requirements and file sizes go to E submission Guidelines , and for the full assessment criteria go to Exhibition Assessment Criteria

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