Cultural and Geographic Focus

A Global Vision

Our notion of art is primarily taught from a Western, European perspective. These pages are an invitation to explore the rich variety of art forms that arise specific to place and culture throughout our world and to help identify other currents of art, past and present, that are not highlighted in the dominant History of Art of the Western World.

Exploring Cultural influences

The IB places a strong emphasis on internationalism and the integration of cultural awareness. Why is it important not to just look at Western art? Because by doing so we are seriously limiting our knowledge and understanding of the world and it's people.

Seeing Connections, not Separations

What we want to avoid is creating even more separation by looking at other cultures as precisely that, other. The idea here is to encourage a broader, more integrated view.

We want to be aware of forming cultural stereotypes. Throughout the investigation notice cultural perceptions, and using observation and analysis, aim to recognize and include different points of view.

This exploration of art from geographically different cultures should arise naturally out of the students own interests and not be a prescribed or forced investigation.

The Comparative Study requires students to identify and analyze at least 3 artworks form different cultural contexts... explore what this really means by investigating art from different parts of the world with curiosity and interest..

CS Assessment Descriptors for Students

Start where you are

A good place to start is often with ones' own culture. Culture is not only about other; by investigating our own roots we can begin to broaden the scope of appreciation and understanding when encountering the art of unfamiliar cultures. Go first to the page on Your own Cultural Influences and consider where you come from and where you live now.

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