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Lucia, Exhibition SLfree12 October 2019

This Standard Level Exhibition is a fine example of a focused and coherent body of work that asks the question, where are we going? both with regards to the social and economic situation in her home country,... more

Exhibition Gallery12 October 2019

In this section you will find slideshows of students' exhibition photos with texts and extracts from their Curatorial Rationale.For each student represented a selection of studio work is shown, not the... more

Comparative Study Examples6 October 2019

Visit the Gallery for more than 10 excellent examples of Comparative Studies, HL and SLIn this section you will find examples of students' comparative studies. The student gallery intends to provide an... more

Sofie H, CS HLfree6 October 2019

This Higher level CS By Sophie Holstein received full marks, 42 /42. In it she investigates the line between art and vandalism, critical commentary and public response, analyzing and comparing works by... more

Comparative Study Gallery6 October 2019

In this section you will find examples of students' comparative studies. The gallery begins with a few examples only, and will grow over time as teachers share their students work after assessment. more

Uncovering Bigger Ideasfree2 October 2019

with linking or progressive relationships developed through sustained investigationCreating work for the exhibition that pivots around linking ideas, concepts, questions, images is quite different from... more

Sound in Contemporary Art25 September 2019

Sound is materially invisible but very visceral and emotive. It can define a space at the same time as it triggers a memory -Susan PhilipszSound Art is Art which uses sound both as its medium (what it... more

Elements of Drawing22 September 2019

I like to begin a course by introducing awareness of visual elements, qualities and attributes through drawing. I find this lays a good foundation for further exploration in any media and helps those... more

Exhibition Assessment 18 September 2019

The Exhibition is Internally Assessed by you the teacher and externally moderated.The Exhibition and Curatorial Rationale comprise 40% of the final gradeBoth SL and HL students select and present their... more

Formative Assessment18 September 2019

It is not our job as art teachers to assess student artwork. That sounds shocking, I know, but if you reflect on it for a moment, you'll see that this statement is quite obviously true. It is our job... more