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A Visual Journal Progress Rubric28 November 2018

Many teachers have expressed an interest in having some sort of rubric for marking students journals throughout the course. This is not a part of the final assessment but may be helpful in keeping students... more

Understanding the Syllabus28 November 2018

consists of a core syllabus made of 3 linking areas. A syllabus is an outline or summary of the main points of a discourse, paper, lecture, or the contents of a curriculum. Therefor the syllabus is not... more

Knowledge and Perception26 November 2018

How does knowledge of the cultural, historical and social context influence our perception of the art work? In the mini slideshow below the images have been chosen especially for their cultural, historical... more

Curiosity Cabinets26 November 2018

Level: challenging Artists can use methods similar to those used by archeologists and scientists in gathering categorizing and displaying objects, but science follows different rules. When an artist... more

An Anthropological View26 November 2018

When looking at art from other cultures, do you consider it the same way you do art from your familiar culture?Do we still look at it in terms of aesthetic value? Social and historical context? more

CS, HL Connections 23 November 2018

Higher Level students have an extra requirement for The Comparative Study ... criterion F, which gives context to their own work in relation to the artwork studied, by making meaningful connections. more

Neuroesthetics23 November 2018

These has been and always will be endless discussion about what is art and why we value it. Until recently these discussions didn't make much reference to the brain, even though art is created, executed... more

Art and Psychology23 November 2018

Did you know that beautiful paintings produce the same brain activity we feel when we see someone we love? In a study conducted by Professor Semir Zeki, chair in neuroaesthetics at University College... more

Photosynthesis?23 November 2018

This is just a fun, albeit complex to execute, idea that combines photographic and natural processes. The artists project a giant negative onto an area of grass. Through the use of controlled light they... more

Nature and Technology23 November 2018

A resource for students interested in the interface between art, nature and technology. How can apparently contradictory fields be brought together through art? In this interview with dutch artists Lonneke... more