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Methods of Displayfree28 November 2018

For Part 3, The Exhibition students are required to set up and present a selection of work, considering methods of display.assessment objectives:Students need to recognize coherence and connection among... more

Impromptu Curating Activity28 November 2018

For this activity you don’t need any special materials. You only need to look around you, think about what you have in your immediate environment, make a selection, and make an exhibition out of what... more

Gallery Visit on Curatorial Practice28 November 2018

Going around a city on a gallery walk is a great way to introduce and create awareness around curatorial practiceI have put together a set of guiding questions to introduce students to Curatorial Practice... more

Digital Portfolio28 November 2018

Each IB art student should maintain a digital portfolio with images of each resolved work to make the upload process for Part 3, The Exhibition quick and easy. Many teachers like Google docs for this... more

Documenting Artwork28 November 2018

An examiner sees only the photograph, not the original work, so make sure the documentation is as good as can beOnce students have completed and selected the works for The Exhibition they will need to... more

Collections as an Art Form 28 November 2018

Artists are naturally hunters and gatherers of visual material so it makes sense that collecting plays a role in many contemporary artists’ practices. Some artists make work around pre existing collections... more

Curatorial Practice28 November 2018

Curatorial practice is a bit of a buzzword lately, with courses and programs in Curatorial Studies offered at Art Colleges and Universities all over the world. The IB, in line with 21st century skills... more

The 3 Course Componentsfree28 November 2018

The new curriculum with first exams in 2016 has three assessed components. But the cake is not evenly cut! The introduction of the Comparative Study, the "newest" element if you like, is assessed at 20%,... more

A Visual Journal Progress Rubric28 November 2018

Many teachers have expressed an interest in having some sort of rubric for marking students journals throughout the course. This is not a part of the final assessment but may be helpful in keeping students... more

Understanding the Syllabus28 November 2018

consists of a core syllabus made of 3 linking areas. A syllabus is an outline or summary of the main points of a discourse, paper, lecture, or the contents of a curriculum. Therefor the syllabus is not... more