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Research and Practice 23 November 2018

How do we help students develop investigation and research skills that will develop and enrich their art making? Students need to feel passionate about what they are researching, then motivation and the... more

Citing Images23 November 2018

Proper citation is often a problem for students, and the most common error is thinking that a reference is simply a URL, cut and pasted! Teach your students to reference properly by showing them these... more

Bibliographies23 November 2018

A bibliography is an alphabetical list of every source used to research and write the extended essay. Sources that are not cited in the body of the essay, but were important in informing the approach... more

Subject Specific Language23 November 2018

Presentation and Subject Specific Language is an assessed criteria for both The Comparative Study - (see CS Assessment Criteria) and the Process Portfolio- (see PP Assessment Criteria) so lets make sure... more

Studio Work in Progress Rubric22 November 2018

Are you finding it difficult to grade student studio work during the course using the full Exhibition Assessment Criteria ?Well, no surprise, those criteria are aimed at the overall Exhibition, including... more

Reviewing, Reflecting, Refiningfree22 November 2018

The Process Portfolio naturally supports and informs students developing studio work, through the exploration of skills, techniques and processes and critical investigations into artists, artworks, art... more

Group 6 Grade Descriptors 22 November 2018

These descriptors refer to all subjects in Group 6 and are not specific to Visual Arts only. These criteria are general enough to apply to all the art forms included in group 6: Dance, Music, Film, Theatre,... more

Sofia, Exhibition HL22 November 2018

Here is an example of a student who curated an exhibition experience for the viewer through the use of lighting, colors and methods of display to communicate her intentions. Her overall concept was the... more

IB Learner Profile22 November 2018

How are we meant to encourage and develop them in our visual arts classroom? Here you find an overview of the IB Learner Profile, with pages that explore their relevance to the IB Visual Arts Course. more

EE Assessment Criteria22 November 2018

for EEs assessed in 2018 and onwards, the criteria are 5 for a total of 34 marks. Criterion A: focus and method....6 marksCriterion B: knowledge and understanding.....6 marksCriterion C: critical thinking....12... more