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The Physics of Color23 November 2018

The following background information is extracted from the Guardian and Observer Guide to Painting- © Guardian News and Media Limited 2011Colour lies at the intersection of mind and matter,... more

Volatile Substancesfree23 November 2018

The unusual use of materials in contemporary art shares much with chemistry, physics, not to mention poetry and religion. Go to Mad Materials for more teaching ideas related to substances, their use and... more

Roger Hiorns chemistry23 November 2018

A relatively simple chemical process such as growing crystals can be used to create startling and effective art works, as demonstrated by British artist Roger Hiorns. This page could be of particular... more

Bio Art23 November 2018

I have had the opportunity to meet the extraordinary artist Joe Davis several times; his work illudes any conventional niche and his thinking may be well ahead of the times. He pursues fantastic ideas-... more

Art and Chemistry23 November 2018

Most art processes rely on some kind of chemical substance. Oil paints are mineral pigments ground with special oils, diluted with turpentine (an essential volatile oil). Printmaking techniques, darkroom... more

Calligraphy 23 November 2018

Worth a thousand words....Language and the written word have many manifestations in western art and this would be a very interesting topic to explore, from graffiti to electronic billboards to performance.... more

Sacred Script23 November 2018

An exhibition at the British Museum in London provides an excellent opportunity to look at how cultural traditions deeply entwined with both religion and craft give rise to contemporary artistic responses. more

Interdisciplinary Connectionsfree23 November 2018

Collaboration between the arts and other subject areas has the potential to create new knowledge, and cross fertilize ideas and processes in both fields.Art making can be inspired by encounters or connections... more

Research and Practice 23 November 2018

How do we help students develop investigation and research skills that will develop and enrich their art making? Students need to feel passionate about what they are researching, then motivation and the... more

Citing Images23 November 2018

Proper citation is often a problem for students, and the most common error is thinking that a reference is simply a URL, cut and pasted! Teach your students to reference properly by showing them these... more