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Object Study22 November 2018

The object study is a teaching idea to generate thinking beyond the obvious. It can be used with students at the start of year 1 as a way of introducing investigation skills and learning to make connections. more

Elements of Drawing22 November 2018

I like to begin a course by introducing awareness of visual elements, qualities and attributes through drawing. I find this lays a good foundation for further exploration in any media and helps those... more

A Sense of Placefree22 November 2018

The title of Gauguin's painting above Where have we come from, where are we now, where are we going? asks a marvelously complex question, one that a lifetime of art making can only begin to try to address.... more

Finding a Focus 22 November 2018

Developing continuity is key to creating a body of work that has unity, rather than a collection of unrelated pieces. All you need to do is look at most great artists and how they relentlessly pursued... more

Example HL Rationale22 November 2018

The Curatorial Rationale is a written statement that accompanies each students' art work selection for her final exhibition. It is required for Part 3, The Exhibition. You can find Curatorial Rationales... more

A Coherent Body of Workfree22 November 2018

For the exhibition students present a set of rigorously selected artworks that clearly communicate their artistic intentions. This doesn't mean that the all the works need to address the same subject... more

PP Rubric for Students22 November 2018

The rubric below lays out the 5 PP criteria and describes examples of what each might look like in practice, with a handy column for teacher comments and marks. The rubric was put together by a group... more

Critical Investigation22 November 2018

Process PortfolioCriterion B Critical investigationTo what extent does the portfolio demonstrate the students critical investigation of artist, artworks and artistic genres, communicating a growing awareness... more

Ideas and Intentions in the PP22 November 2018

An important part of the Process Portfolio, criterion C is about showing how your ideas and intentions begin and progress, and how your choice of imagery and techniques/media communicates these ideas. more

Comparing Imagesfree22 November 2018

The pairs of images in the gallery below are especially selected for teaching students to compare and contrast artworks in preparation for The Comparative Study. A comparison is more effective when it... more