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Skills for CS22 November 2018

Gradually introduce the skills required to write a good comparative studyIf your students are used to analyzing artworks and writing comparisons already then this will be a peach. Many teachers have expressed... more

Comparative Study Examples22 November 2018

The comparative study is a new element of the course and after one full cycle we now have some student examples to look at. I have launched the Student Gallery section of the site, which is gorwing as... more

CS Guiding Template22 November 2018

In response to teacher requests I have created a basic power point template for the digital presentation of the Comparative Study. The slideshow has instructions for content on each screen addressing... more

Art Making Forms Requirements22 November 2018

In order to encourage ample experimentation with a range of techniques and media, there is minimum requirement of art-making forms to be addressed in the Process Portfolio. This exposure to various techniques/media,... more

The Formal Elementsfree13 November 2018

The formal elements of art are the basis of visual analysis A visual analysis is a careful consideration of the formal aspects of an artwork. The formal elements comprise important vocabulary for an... more

Theory of Knowldegefree13 November 2018

Theory of Knowledge is a pivotal point of the IBDP model that encourages students to think critically and curiously.In TOK class students examine how we know things, if we are sure we know them, and to... more

Journal Reflectionsfree13 November 2018

Teach students the habit of writing reflectively about art. By regularly investigating the meaning of art and related issues they will develop writing skills, critical thinking skills and learn to use... more

Self-Reflectionfree13 November 2018

To Reflect, Review and Refine is part of developing a growing artistic self awareness and the ability to self reflect, analyze and review own development. It is to ask, How have I developed as an artist? more

Visual Journal13 November 2018

The Journal can be a sketchbook of whatever size you prefer your students to work in; it could also be a series of notebooks of varying sizes, a folder or container ( like a big plastic envelope), or... more

Function and Purposefree13 November 2018

one of the assessed criteria, Criterion B. Interpreting Function and Purpose may be new or confusing for some students. This page interprets function and purpose and offers some practical teaching activities. more