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Unit Plan: Curatorial Focus8 September 2018

This sample Unit Plan focuses on Curatorial Practice and preparing students for part 3, The Exhibition.This unit would be well situated later in the first semester of year 2 ( november/ december) as students... more

Course Design 16 August 2018

In this course we are teaching students to look, create and think about art independently and critically, with awareness developed through inquiry, investigation, reflection and independent exploration. more

Curriculum Planning free16 August 2018

Design the course that meets the IB requirments, fits your school, your schedule, and your students using the resources available on this site. Everything you need is at hand.The beauty of IB Visual... more

From Ideation to Creation15 August 2018

From ideation to creation: Finding a starting point is often the most difficult part of making art. This page reflects on different ways to begin. Where do you prefer to start, with a concept, an image,... more

Four Ways of Looking at Art28 July 2018

This page presents an annotated version of a resource originally created by Tate Education called Ways of Looking. After trying this out resource with both students and teachers we realized that it is... more

Mark Making25 July 2018

Drawing sessions for loosening up, for enjoying the abstract nature of drawing and finding beauty in awkward gestural marks.There is something to be said for drawing exercises that do not have as their... more

The RPPF21 July 2018

In the EE/RPPF, the Extended Essay Reflections on Planning and Progress Form, candidates undertake three reflection sessions with their supervisors: one early on, one interim, and the final viva voce.... more

Inside the Studiofree15 July 2018

Being able to enter the inner sanctum of an artist's studio rates up there with attending a top exhibition in my books, each studio a window into the unique personality and working process of the artist.... more

Research Methods EE 7 July 2018

Gather information first from a wide range of sources, then begin to sift it into some order and shape. You can't begin to write until you have amassed a sufficient amount of information. more

Artists' Sketchbooks and Studios 7 July 2018

This section is not specifically about the Visual Journal but a chance to look at some artists sketchbooks past and present, and visit the page Inside the Studio. These depositories of the inner life... more