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The Extended Essay5 May 2018

Let's look at the major changes to the EE Students submitting Extended Essays from May 2018 onwards will have to submit their Extended Essay according to the new Extended Essay Subject Guide. more

Inspired Teaching28 April 2018

If you teach what is exciting and interesting to you, if you care about the work and the artists that you show them, if you share your ideas and questions with your students, you will enjoy teaching... more

Exhibitions to see in 201822 April 2018

Once exams are over, its time to give some attention to those year 1 students again... maybe you want to visit to an art museum near you, or even plan a field trip that ventures further abroad. OR, without... more

Timetabling the CS29 January 2018

Fitting the Comparative Study into your course planning may vary from school to school. Most aim to have it completed in the first months of year 2, some even earlier. Each teacher I've spoken to seems... more

Presentation and Format CS29 January 2018

Your presentation should be visually engaging, interesting to look at, and easy to read. The Comparative Study is not an essay. It is a visual presentation that balances written and visual content; it... more

Zere, HL Exhibition14 January 2018

Zere created her exhibition with a very specific and intentional group of lens based photographs of young arab males posing in specific locations. This collection of photos entitled “He Who Tells a... more

Sound in Contemporary Art13 January 2018

Go to any cutting edge contemporary art fair, show, Biennale and you will find artists using sound as a medium, as well as the usual more familiar tools of visual artists.Sound Art is Art which uses... more

Seeing Through a Master's Eyes7 January 2018

Copying is a valuable tool in teaching close observation of technique. In copying a Michelangelo figure drawing a student will naturally discover the tiny crosshatched lines that the artist used to sculpt... more

Inspired not Copied4 January 2018

Copy the CreativityIdeally it is the creative process we want to copy when looking at the great artists of the past, not their work.A copy will always be only a copy, whereas if we can teach students... more

Selected Artists and Shows17 December 2017

Inspired by lookingLooking at artwork by going to exhibitions or even checking in virtually with what's out there is one of the best ways to get ideas for teaching projects. Discovering artists that are... more