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Visiting Artists26 June 2018

Find an artist/artisanThere are artists working in every community, city, town, village, and remote mountainside, no matter where you live.Widen your definition of artist to include artisans working in... more

Thematic Threads27 May 2018

This activity helps year 1 students to investigate a topic or theme through looking at images from art history. See Finding a Focus for more about developing individual directions.This is a fun way to... more

Open Ended Assignments20 May 2018

Our students need guidance, but how can we give them structured assignments that really encourage independent solutions? By assigning tasks that create approximately the same result, you will have a pretty... more

Supervising an Extended Essay6 May 2018

As a Visual Arts teacher you will most likely be asked to supervise a number of Visual Arts EEs, from as few as one to as many as six or seven essays. Supervisors are expected to spend between three and... more

The Extended Essay Format 6 May 2018

All extended essays are uploaded and submitted on IBISThe submission procedure is similar to that of TOK essays, the supervisor / coordinator verifies authenticity ( checks for academic honesty and signs... more

Visual Arts EE Topics6 May 2018

Here are some examples of (successful) real student essays.The initial topic area is developed into a focused research question and an approach to research is determined, followed by a brief evaluation... more

The Extended Essay5 May 2018

Let's look at the major changes to the EE Students submitting Extended Essays from May 2018 onwards will have to submit their Extended Essay according to the new Extended Essay Subject Guide. more

Inspired Teaching28 April 2018

If you teach what is exciting and interesting to you, if you care about the work and the artists that you show them, if you share your ideas and questions with your students, you will enjoy teaching... more

Exhibitions to see in 201822 April 2018

Once exams are over, its time to give some attention to those year 1 students again... maybe you want to visit to an art museum near you, or even plan a field trip that ventures further abroad. OR, without... more

Timetabling the CS29 January 2018

Fitting the Comparative Study into your course planning may vary from school to school. Most aim to have it completed in the first months of year 2, some even earlier. Each teacher I've spoken to seems... more