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Grayson Perry 2 September 2017

An exhibition at the British Museum, London 2012 featuring artist Grayson Perry.When I saw this show recently I was struck by how relevant it is to the teaching of art and culture in the IB Art course.... more

Waste Not Want Not2 September 2017

I would show this work to students when introducing an installation project, or to any student working with COLLECTING.In Chinese artist Song Dong's installation Waste Not Want Not, which I saw at the... more

William Kentridge2 September 2017

Teachers and students who are interested in exploring questions about violence, injustice, segregation and racism, there are artists whose work address these themes while also allowing viewers to look... more

Onggi Masterfree2 September 2017

Onggi is traditional Korean earthenware made from clay with a high percentage of iron and hand formed on a kick wheel. Onggi has a long tradition as storage containers for fermented foods and dates back... more

Mark Dion Methodology2 September 2017

This page is for those of you who would like to learn more about Mark Dion's way of working and aims to provide you with links, videos, and teaching resources. Dion speaks of himself as an amateur archeologist... more

Bibliographies for EE2 September 2017

A bibliography is an alphabetical list of every source used to research and write the essay. Sources that are not cited in the body of the essay, but were important in informing the approach taken, should... more

Oblique Strategies2 September 2017

The Oblique StrategiesThis is one of my favorite lateral thinking aides; I think it has more appeal to the visual artist as well. Brian Eno the musician/composer and Peter Schmidt the painter, decided... more

Slow Art Viewing2 September 2017

We are living at a time when contemporary art draws enormous crowds. The numbers of people visiting art museums are at a historical high. Art Attractions these days include spiraling slides, shining suns,... more

Exhibition Visits2 September 2017

Visiting art museums and galleries not only helps familiarize students with Curatorial Practice but provides encounters with primary source material for both the CS and the PPThere are many ways of structuring... more

Art Trips and Exhibition Venues2 September 2017

This section takes a look at how to get the most out of Exhibition Visits with resources for Planning an Exhibition Visit and activities/handouts such as Four Ways of Looking at ArtMuseums and galleries... more