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Slow Art Viewing2 September 2017

We are living at a time when contemporary art draws enormous crowds. The numbers of people visiting art museums are at a historical high. Art Attractions these days include spiraling slides, shining suns,... more

Exhibition Visits2 September 2017

Visiting art museums and galleries not only helps familiarize students with Curatorial Practice but provides encounters with primary source material for both the CS and the PPThere are many ways of structuring... more

Art Trips and Exhibition Venues2 September 2017

This section takes a look at how to get the most out of Exhibition Visits with resources for Planning an Exhibition Visit and activities/handouts such as Four Ways of Looking at ArtMuseums and galleries... more

Artist and Audience2 September 2017

Visiting an exhibition without any preparation or prior gathering of information is a very different experience from visiting the same show after having done a bit of background research (or at least... more

Studio Response to Exhibit31 August 2017

Choose an exhibition that presents work in a medium or particular technique that you would like to introduce your students to. Or let the exhibition provide the medium or topic for this unit! more

Techniques, Materials and Processesfree31 August 2017

The choice of materials and techniques is up to the student, as long as the art Art Making Forms requirements are met. Students should experiment with a range of materials and techniques before choosing... more

Artistic Appropriationfree31 August 2017

Appropriation in art and art history refers to the practice of artists taking a pre-existing image from another context—art history, advertising, the media, and creating a new image or object by combining... more

Art and Authenticity31 August 2017

A resource page for introducing conceptual art to students through Journal reflections and ToK discussion questions.Duchamp, the great trickster, inventor of the ready made.Duchamp rejected the assumption... more

Beyond the Studiofree31 August 2017

Use it! That means the woods, fields, and streets, not just your classroom can be a place for making art.Draw outside the studio, in cafes, on the street, in parks, in nature and in the city more

Performance Art31 August 2017

Performance art is an interdisciplinary art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance or action. It has its' historical roots in futurism and dada and became widespread in the 60's and 70's.... more