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Beyond the Studiofree31 August 2017

Use it! That means the woods, fields, and streets, not just your classroom can be a place for making art.Draw outside the studio, in cafes, on the street, in parks, in nature and in the city more

Performance Art31 August 2017

Performance art is an interdisciplinary art form that combines visual art with dramatic performance or action. It has its' historical roots in futurism and dada and became widespread in the 60's and 70's.... more

New Video Art Visions free31 August 2017

Let's go inside itIn this converging reality of hyper connectivity, interactivity, visual stimulation, mega information, and obsessive documentation, some young artists are using digital technology to... more

Emerging Media31 August 2017

As IB Art embraces the 21st century, it encourages students to become aware of the uses of emerging media as well as traditional artistic media. This does not mean that students should not be taught old... more

Self-Portraits31 August 2017

A self-portrait can be as varied and limitless as our imaginations. It is more than a mere mirror reflection. A self-portrait can be an exact likeness or an abstract whirl of thoughts and feelings. It... more

Low Relief Assemblage 31 August 2017

Assemblage and sculpture made from found and scavenged materials is a great way to explore 3D constructing and address column 2 of the Art Making Forms Table. Students learn to work with tools and to... more

Map Making31 August 2017

Map Making can be a fun way to introduce a more conceptual, less figurative way of working to year 1 students. I like working with maps myself and have included some ideas and favorite resources. more

Ephemeral Art31 August 2017

Transient art works are those that exist only for a determined period of time and are not intended to last. Does this challenge the notion that art is meant to outlast human life? As a journal reflection,... more

Camera Obscura31 August 2017

The term camera obscura simply means “dark chamber.” It refers to a device…a box…into which light is allowed to enter through a small round opening. Since light travels in a straight line, the... more

Time Machine Photoshop31 August 2017

Using photoshop to "update" or re-imagine images from the pastA photo project using digital technology that draws on personal memory and narrative.Take an image from an old analogue family photo album... more