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CAS and Visual Arts28 August 2017

Although CAS is not specifically part of the Visual Arts program, there are many ways in which Visual Arts students can enrich the lives of others (and earn CAS hours) through art projects and shared... more

Transcribing an Art Work28 August 2017

(left) Jeff Wall, Picture for Women, Transparency in lightbox, 1979 (right) Edouard Manet, A Bar at the Folies'Bergere, 1882To transcribe essentially means to translate something into another form, as... more

Animate a Painting28 August 2017

An example of reinterpreting a work from another era in another mediumIn the Millennium exhibition, 'Encounters, New Art from Old', in the summer of 2000, The National Gallery of Art in London invited... more

Transcription Activity28 August 2017

The first step is understanding what is transcription. Use the examples in Transcribing an art work to demonstrate what other artists have done before; this will get your students interested in creating... more

Perspective and Drawing Aides27 August 2017

Viewfinders, grids, mirrors, the Claude Glass are historical optical aides that help artists to reconstruct a scene. Even perspective is essentially a drawing aide. As an intro to perspective drawing... more

Sumi- E Painting27 August 2017

Brush Song video of a Sumi- E painting is by Nikolai Jelneronov - Zengamaster on YoutubeMusic: Eberhard Wewber: Later That Evening – MauriziusSumi means Ink and E means painting more

An African Cloth27 August 2017

Explore regional traditions, innovative uses of discarded materials, and cultural meanings communicated through materialsThis resource directly supports Comparative study criterion C: Analysis and Evaluation... more

Ai Weiwei, Individuals and Societies27 August 2017

Ai Weiwei, Chinese conceptual artist, uses time consuming traditional craftmanship on a mind-boggling scale to ask new questions about human society.In response to the sunflower seeds, this assignment... more

The Visual Arts Learner Profile27 August 2017

How do the qualities of the Learner Profile relate to the Visual Artist, and more particularly to the IB Visual Art student?This is an activity you can do with your students, although I think it's probably... more

Artist and Viewer27 August 2017

With the introduction of curatorial practice, we are bringing in a new awareness of the relationship between artist and audience.When visiting contemporary exhibitions, notice how knowledge and information... more