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Sumi- E Painting27 August 2017

Brush Song video of a Sumi- E painting is by Nikolai Jelneronov - Zengamaster on YoutubeMusic: Eberhard Wewber: Later That Evening – MauriziusSumi means Ink and E means painting more

An African Cloth27 August 2017

Explore regional traditions, innovative uses of discarded materials, and cultural meanings communicated through materialsThis resource directly supports Comparative study criterion C: Analysis and Evaluation... more

Ai Weiwei, Individuals and Societies27 August 2017

Ai Weiwei, Chinese conceptual artist, uses time consuming traditional craftmanship on a mind-boggling scale to ask new questions about human society.In response to the sunflower seeds, this assignment... more

The Visual Arts Learner Profile27 August 2017

How do the qualities of the Learner Profile relate to the Visual Artist, and more particularly to the IB Visual Art student?This is an activity you can do with your students, although I think it's probably... more

Artist and Viewer27 August 2017

With the introduction of curatorial practice, we are bringing in a new awareness of the relationship between artist and audience.When visiting contemporary exhibitions, notice how knowledge and information... more

Ink and Brush 26 August 2017

Ink painting has been favoured by artists in both the east and west for its beautiful, graceful and expressive mark making qualities and range of tonal values. Ink and brush painting can be practiced... more

Mixing Colors25 August 2017

Mixing colors can be a daunting task, especially for the new painter. How much more exciting painting is when you can mix your own tones rather than rely on ready mixed paint colors, not to mention the... more

Tonal Painting25 August 2017

Art Vocabulary: Tonal values are the gradations of tone from light to dark.To get a better impression of tone, close your eyes halfway so that the lightest and darkest parts of the object or scene you... more

Preparing Painting Surfaces25 August 2017

EXPERIMENT WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF PAINTING SURFACES You can use different supports to paint on to achieve different results. This page is intended as a guide in helping choose the appropriate surface... more

Painting Interiors 25 August 2017

Combine perspective drawing and light and shadow study in this open ended painting lesson. LightBegin with each student selecting their own space to draw. You can use a room in your home or at school... more