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David Macauley22 August 2017

If you are familiar with David Macauly's books, you will know that the stories are told in fantastic and highly detailed observational drawings.In this 20 minute TED talk he shows the development of his... more

Leonardo the Inquirer22 August 2017

If ever we need an example of an inquiring mind, a key aspect of the IB Learner Profile when curiousity about the world acted upon through visual investigation, Leonardo is the man that springs to mind. more

One Object Many Solutions5 August 2017

This is simply an exercise in visual exploration that teaches creative thinking. It is a fun project for getting started, loosing inhibitions, and coming up with original ideas.It is similar to the Object... more

Student Galleryfree5 August 2017

Now available for student access tooYou can now see examples of work from other schools and witness different approaches to each of the the three assessed components. You my also see work by the same... more

Viola, Exhibition HL5 August 2017

Student Viola V chose to focus on her childhood fear of dolls, exploring the uncomfortable and uneasy feelings she associated with this."My body of work is all connected by the theme of portraying childhood... more

Sumnima, Exhibition HL 5 August 2017

This HL Exhibition work presents an interesting and different example of a student who was not a naturally technically adept artist when she first started the course and did not have previous art experience... more

Sophie, Exhibition HLfree5 August 2017

Another exceptional student, Sophie has made a sophisticated body of work around the concept of the feminine, exploring this topic well beyond conventional stereotypes. She also considers the exhibition... more

Sumnima, Process Portfolio HL5 August 2017

She clearly shows the development of her skills and techniques (A) and includes pages of critical investigation (B) that make relevant connections with other artists who influenced her thinking and making... more

Sara G, Process Portfolio, HL5 August 2017

This is a good example of how a student was able to use her scanned journal pages even where the writing wasn't very legible, and then simply add text to clarify the content. This way she is able to keep... more

Christian, Process Portfolio SL5 August 2017

This Standard Level student received a mark of 32 (7) for his Process Portfolio. He explores identity through a range of media, techniques and different conceptual approaches. You can view a selection... more