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Zeid, CS HL5 August 2017

This student contacted me himself and asked if I would like to publish his work on this site. I am impressed with his initiative and the quality of his work and would like to share his CS on "women's... more

Talia CS, SL5 August 2017

SL student Talia wrote her Comparative Study on three artworks by three artists:Diego VelazquezMax BeckmannGregory CrewdsonShe chose to take a thematic approach and explore family relationships in the... more

Alberte, CS HL5 August 2017

In this excellent comparative study Alberte focuses on movement in art, primarily investigating the work of Danish artist Olafur Eliasson, comparing his installation Riverbed 2014, and Your Embodied Garden... more

Painting 29 July 2017

or sometimes far worse!"An empty canvas, apparently really empty, that says nothing and is without significance. Almost dull, in fact. In reality, however, [it's] crammed with thousands of undertone tensions... more

Photography29 July 2017

The word photography derives from the Greek words phōs (genitive: phōtós) light, and gráphein, to write.What a beautiful, poetic description of the process of recording an image with light, lest... more

Enrico, Exhibition HL17 July 2017

View a selection of Enrico's exhibition pieces in the slideshow below and read an excerpt from his curatorial rationale. Hats off to his teacher Nicola Shears at St Louis School in Milan! more

Postcard Secrets Exhibition8 July 2017

IB Art teacher Christina Rich in Cologne, Germany, shares her experience of a school art gallery as educational spaceThe Art exhibitions create a sense of community; showcasing the pupils’ work, which... more

Critique Guidelinesfree5 June 2017

Begin the discussion on a positive note, expressing appreciation for all the hard work your students are doing, and how valuable it is to come together to discuss this important work. This way, the critique... more

Guest Teacher Pages 24 April 2017

This section of the site is an opportunity for teachers to share their special areas of expertise. We all have such different kinds of knowledge to share and this seems a wonderful opportunity to do so... more

Structure and Freedom11 March 2017

The IB Art course rests on a delicate but highly effective collaboration between student and teacher. One of the biggest challenges is finding an optimum balance between teacher guided instruction and... more