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Exhibitions and Curating 5 August 2016

This is a new section of the website intended to explore the importance of looking at, responding to and presenting art to the world. The new guide encourages students to become aware of how art is curated... more

Art Thinking5 August 2016

The Art Thinking section of this site focuses on critical thinking, looking at, reflecting on and responding to art, with many teaching activities to help build these "art thinking" skills. This includes... more

Rationale for Curriculum Changes4 August 2016

Nothing stays the same forever and revision and renewal are an important part of progress in education. Over the past 3 years the curriculum review committee has met several times to discuss how the visual... more

IB Core3 August 2016

The IB Core refers to the core requirements for all Diploma Programme students, regardless of the subjects chosen. At the center of the IB diagram are the three elements of the IB core:The Extended Essay... more

The Artist's Manifesto9 June 2016

“I am for an artist who vanishes, turning up in a white cap painting signs or hallways.”Claes Oldenburg: I am for an ArtWhat do you believe art is? What are the values that you hold dear as an artist?... more

Surrealist Gamesfree9 June 2016

Try some of these playful approaches as ice breakers, to loosen up, disrupt habitual patterns and introduce a sense of play into the serious business of making art. They are great for a new class, for... more

Workshop Style Sessions 11 April 2016

Within the Art Making Forms requirements Students are encouraged to explore a range of techniques and media and most will need instruction when encountering a new technique or medium. We cannot assume... more

Additional Supporting Photos10 April 2016

When compiling your portfolio for the E submission for Exhibition In certain instances you may decide to include up to two additional photographs of each submitted work. These extra photos are not necessary... more

Postcard Captions 8 March 2016

learning to write Exhibition Texts I created this activity for a recent workshop with teachers and it was very effective and enjoyable. It teaches students to consider the artists' intention for the work... more

Artists' Books20 January 2016

Sketchbooks are for visual thinking, recording, capturing an idea -and not intended to be the finished work. An artists' book is the art piece.Artists' books are made by artistsArtists' books are books... more