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Art Making16 January 2016

There are as many approaches to making art as there are artists.Each students' experience and ability will grow and change throughout the course as they engage in a variety of art making forms and techniques.... more

Applying to Art School17 December 2015

This page is a resource compiled for students who want to continue their art studies after the IB ( and for their dedicated teachers who advise them!)Applying to art school can be a scary and daunting... more

Overview of Requirementsfree2 November 2015

you might also want to go to the pages on E submission Guidelines 2016Pages will show evidence of at least three different art making forms from 2 columns of the Art Making Forms Table more

A Brief History of John Baldessari26 June 2015

This short video presents the life and career of the unique (and hilarious) conceptual artist John Baldessari, narrated by the incomparable Tom Waits.It's a great video clip to show students embarking... more

Creative Blocks23 March 2015

Lack of "inspiration" (or motivation), insecurity about ones ability and fear of failure are some of the main blocks to creativity that artists encounter.What is inspiration? To inspire literally means... more

Renaissance Selfies30 January 2015

Leon Battista Alberti wrote in his treatise on painting in 1435: "Painting possesses a truly divine power in that not only does it make the absent present (as they say of friendship), but it also represents... more

Recognizing Good Ideas13 November 2014

"I’ve always been fascinated by the failures of genius. Consider Bob Dylan. How did the same songwriter who produced Blood on the Tracks and Blonde on Blonde also conclude that Down in the Groove was... more

Graffiti and Street Art17 October 2014

Street Art, graffiti in particular, is a subject that interests many students around the world.. But besides making their own street art, students need to support this with investigation, understanding,... more

Speaking of Art26 June 2014

Although it helps to have regular class critiques where students get used to speaking about their own art work and each others, talking about other artists work isn't something most of our students... more

Art and Meaning23 June 2014

This section looks at how we assign meaning to art, and what makes art art. The unanswerable question, what is art? however impossible to answer still makes a good debate. Show these examples and... more